Bookish Witch

Emergence by Ankita Kashyap Khataniar

A lovely collection of poems recommended for every poetry lover.

Bookish Witch

Holding On To Love by Ashish Sinha

This is a story of how keeping up hope and positivity leads to good results.

Bookish Witch

A Pleasant Escape by Piyush Rohankar

This book aptly describes the journey from being an IAS aspirant to becoming an IAS officer

Bookish Witch

LOTUS-BORN: The Ballad Of Satyabhama by Srilakshmi Kochiyil

A beautiful poetic journey through Indian mythology.

Bookish Witch

Rescue Me by Cathy Bramley

Grief, loneliness and love for dogs in this cute little story.

Author Collaborative

In Conversation With Asfiya Rahman

When I reached out to the author of the Wild Card trilogy, Asfiya Rahman and asked her to be a part of the Author Collaborative segment on my social media, she graciously agreed.

Bookish Witch

Piece of Poetry by Raviraj Mishra

All of us, at some point or another, have come across poetry that either taught us the unlearned or brought back a memory or a smile.

Bookish Witch

Accidentally Educated by R. V. Dadhe

A fictional, philosophical and insightful take on the education system.

Bookish Witch

That Thing About You by Abhaidev

A simple story with an unexpected twist.