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In Conversation with Alka Saklani

Action is the pulse of any good story, but the character is the heart. If the action has no consequence to the character, the story loses heart.

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The Cinderella of Karnal: A psychological thriller by Reecha Agarwal Goyal

When it comes to mental health, there's still a lot to be done.


A little about love, a lot about life ~ Anamika

The story is nothing we haven't come across in whispered gossips or something we are quick to judge. The beauty  however lies in the way it has been written. 

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Why I’m Not Attracted to You, But The One Who Likes Me

He looks at me and the butterflies in my belly flutter in every possible direction. As always, I pretend that I didn’t notice but God do I love that attention! This has been going on, the eye play, between me and Sameer, since a few months and at first I did not even notice it. It… Continue reading Why I’m Not Attracted to You, But The One Who Likes Me

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Tread on The Path Of Self-Discovery With These Simple Steps

Irrespective of whether you learn from your successes and failures, the key lies in continuing to move forward and learning more about yourself, with each experience.