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Travel Tales With M ~ Kronenburgerpark

A beautiful historical park in Nijmegen

Travel Tales

A Sunny Day Treat

If you go to Arnhem put this Park on your Agenda without fail.

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My Books Get An Offline International Presence via Zowiezo Damesmode

If you want something bad enough, the universe will conspire to provide it you, but that final plunge of faith and courage has to be taken by you.

Travel Tales

A Walk Through An Artist’s Muse

This little village is where Van Gogh painted most of his famous works.

Wonder Women

A Beautifully Landscaped Botanical Garden

I'd recommend this place to all who love nature and greenery.

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A Ferry Ride Through The Dutch Port City

The ride takes you across the waters, from below the Erasmus bridge, via major landmarks and then also into the harbour, where you can see all the ships.

Travel Tales

An Award Winning & Sustainable Library

If in Netherlands, this award winning library has to be on your visiting list, especially if you're a bibliophile like me.