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A raw, heart wrenching portrayal of the slum dwellers in urban India.

Travel Tales

A Natural Waterfall in A Secluded Village

We were skeptical about how the place would turn out because none of us had ever heard of it before.

Travel Tales

Of Panoramic Views and an Unplanned Monsoon Trek At Cabo De Rama

When the view from atop this fort first came in sight, I was pleasantly surprised.

Travel Tales

Trek &Trudge To The Top @ TakMak Fort

If you're one of those enthusiasts who loves to trek, I urge you to go here!

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The Best Way To Enjoy Mumbai Rains Through Chai-Pakora At Chaayos #FridayReview

Usually ‘experiments with chai’ are something most of us think twice before delving into. However Chaayos ‘Experiments with Chai’ are worth a try!