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Self-Discovery Leading to Professional Growth ~ An Interior Designer & DIY Enthusiast Shares Her Story

When looking for a source of motivation, I believe one doesn’t need to search hard or beyond their own circle.

Wonder Women

It’s Never Too Late To Tap Hidden Talents In Oneself ~ An Interior Designer Shares Her Story

The things you are passionate about are not random. They are your calling.

Wonder Women

There’s Always Time To Follow Your Passion ~ An Engineer Turned Author Shares Her Story

Being a writer gave my life a new direction.

Wonder Women

Battling Depression Through Profession and Passion ~ A Medical Student & An Aspiring Writer Shares Her Story

Being a medical student, my profession is my main identity, but I identify myself as a writer and a poet because i love to write

Wonder Women

Creativity Abound ~ A Software Engineer’s Multiple Pursuits

My biggest struggle is about time, as managing it, is still cumbersome

Entertainment (Movies+TV Shows), Listicles

Quotes From ‘Fight Club’ That Sum Up Life As We Know It

Truly a classic!


Funny 13 Reasons Why Memes That Contradicts The Seriousness Of The Show

As hard as it may be to believe, 13 Reasons Why memes are a thing. Though the plot and story of the show are quite serious, these memes are funny and on-point. American shows have become hugely popularly in India since Netflix came in. 13 Reasons Why is one such series that showed us the real side of high… Continue reading Funny 13 Reasons Why Memes That Contradicts The Seriousness Of The Show

Information and Knowledge

Nain Singh Rawat: First And Legendary Indian Explorer To Fall In Love With Mountains

He answered the calls of the unknown