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Travel Tales

Chocolate Foodgasm for Cocoa Lovers at This Magnum Outlet in Florence

If visiting Florence, and if you happen to be a chocolate lover, you must must visit this outlet for its uniqueness and a foodgasm like never before.

Travel Tales

A Walk Amidst Greens and Varied Floral Colours At The Rose Garden in Pordenone

Nature lovers and romanticisers, duly note down this place as a must visit if you're ever in Pordenone.

Travel Tales

A Splash Of Green and Other Colours @ Rose Garden, Pordenone

Nature lovers and romanticists, duly note down this place as a must visit if you're ever in Pordenone. 

Travel Tales

A Little Castle Which is Used As An Archaeological Museum in Pordenone

It was a peaceful experience, one which left me content at having visited a site which seemed to have been unexplored by many as yet.

Travel Tales

A Staircase To Heaven in Venice For Bibliophiles Worldwide

This library cum book store personifies the charm of this city like very few places do.

Travel Tales

A Seashore Castle With Gardens and a Quaint Cafe

A must-visit seashore castle for all those visiting Italy!