Wonder Women

When Art Makes You Forget All The Sorrows ~ A Handmade Gifts Expert and Artist Shares Her Story

I believe crafting is something which helps you find inner peace.

Wonder Women

When the Chaos Around You Ceases to Exist Because of Art ~ A Biotechnologist & Upcycling Artist Shares Her Journey

I love to paint as it makes me feel at peace.

Wonder Women

When You Believe Its Not Impossible To Follow Everything The Heart Wants ~ An Artist & Illustrator Shares Her Journey

I couldn’t stop seeing the patterns and colors in anything that I laid my eyes on.

Wonder Women

When You Have A Zeal To Keep Learning & Reinventing Yourself ~ An Entrepreneur, Artist and Philanthropist Shares Her Story

My parents have always believed in giving back to the society and we have learnt the same from them .

Wonder Women

When Art Helps You Remain Calm & Improves Your Productivity ~ A Textile Chemist & Mandala Artist Shares Her Journey

Drawing mandalas is therapeutic and helps me to remain calm, away from all the chaos

Wonder Women

When You Want Your Association With Something You Love To Be A Lifelong One ~ A Doodle Artist Shares Her Story

I was born into a household that appreciated art and revered good art.

Wonder Women

When Art Becomes a Turning Point in Your Life ~A Mandala & Tanjore Painting Artist Shares Her Story

The motivation and encouragement I received through social media really helped me grow as an artist.

Wonder Women

When The World Around You, Inspires You ~ An Engineer Student Cum Artist Shares Her Journey

Art has taught me to embrace my imperfections and uniqueness, as art doesn’t have to be perfect

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The Story of Jamini Roy: India’s Padma Bhushan Winning Painter

Jamini Roy was a painter who earned fame and even accolades for himself in an era when art was not given as much respect as it is given today. So, how did Jamini Roy become one of the few handful painters to be remembered from the bygone era?  He was born in 1887 in West… Continue reading The Story of Jamini Roy: India’s Padma Bhushan Winning Painter