The Home-Coming

When he finally came to understand the phrase ‘Home Sweet Home’

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When You Believe in Breaking Traditions, Myths & Stereotypes ~ A Home Decor Enthusiast Shares Her Story

We are all born unique and have individual talents.

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When Life Teaches You That No Two Days Are The Same ~ A Home Decor Expert Shares Her Story

Growing up, we never had phones or video games, so we used to do lot of DIYs.

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When the Chaos Around You Ceases to Exist Because of Art ~ A Biotechnologist & Upcycling Artist Shares Her Journey

I love to paint as it makes me feel at peace.

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When You Learn To Change With The Changing Times ~ An Architect, Entrepreneur & Dancer Shares Her Story

Being an entrepreneur, the main challenge is to keep oneself self-motivated.

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It’s Never Too Late To Tap Hidden Talents In Oneself ~ An Interior Designer Shares Her Story

The things you are passionate about are not random. They are your calling.

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Learning, Adjusting & Growing ~ The Founder of An Ethnic Home Decor Venture Shares Her Journey

My takeaway and advice would be to never underestimate one’s talent as it will find its way in the most unlikeliest of places.

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Beautify Your Home & Festive Decor With These Creative Rangoli Designs

Agreed that rangoli designs are one of those Diwali memories we associate the festival of lights with, but rangolis are about more than just one festival. For instance, Holi is a festival celebrated to depict the onset of spring. Spring brings with it a colorful blast of flowers and greenery all around. How better can this be depicted if not by… Continue reading Beautify Your Home & Festive Decor With These Creative Rangoli Designs