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Antargrahiya Prem by Vijay Kakwani

A sci-fi intersgalatial love story


आत्महत्या क्यों ?: इसे कैसे समाप्त किया जाये by अमित मिश्रा

Read this book to find why and how negative thoughts can be overcome.

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Adhuri Khwahishein (Hinglish Edition) by Bhakti Motta

The book covers a wide array of topics from love to relationships.

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Lost in Translation by Himanshu Goel

Read this one to fall in love with the Indian native language with a little twist.

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Beautiful Hindi Shayaris That Will Tug Right At Your Heartstrings

Despite Hindi being our national language, not many of us understand its beauty and depth. Hindi shayaris and appreciation of the Hindi literature are things very few Indians indulge or even engage in. We’re not just talking about romantic Hindi shayaris here. No, there are other genres that Hindi shayaris very poignantly handles. These include satirical, humurous, sarcastic and many others.… Continue reading Beautiful Hindi Shayaris That Will Tug Right At Your Heartstrings


Strong Female Characters In Munshi Premchand’s Works

Even in a time when women did not have a fair say or stand in most things, some of Munshi's female characters stood out for speaking their mind and being bold.