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In Conversation With Avinash Matta

Secrets to Writing Good Comedy and Epic Romances

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When You Believe That Happiness Starts From Self ~ A Google Program Manager & A Home Decor Blogger Shares Her Story

I think I am fortunate that I never had a day without a purpose.

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When You Learn To Remain Calm In Order To Bear Good Results ~ A Law Student & The Founder of A Digital Platform Shares Her Story

The end goal is to do something that will make my parents proud.

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When Nature Inspires Your Creative Side ~ The Founder of A Sustainable Handmade Jewelry Venture Shares Her Story

When my dream merged with my love for nature and passion for jewelleries, things began to change and Handmade by Tinni was born.

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When Your Creativity Turns Into Multiple Forays ~ An Art & Craft Entrepreneur + Marketeer Shares Her Journey

Using your success and skills for the betterment of others is the best earning.

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Food For Thought or Thoughts of Food?~ A Pharma Professional Turned Food Blogger Shares Her Story

My passion for cooking and love for food got me into blogging

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When Work is Your Identity ~ The Principal of A Prestigious School Shares Her Story

I always wanted to give more to people, than people could give to me.

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A Desk Job With Some Creativity on The Sidelines ~ An Author’s Advent


With an impulsive urge to spill out all my bottled-up thoughts, I chose writing as my escape route.

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Creativity & Strength Go A Long Way ~ A Professor, Dancer & Stand-up Comic Shares Her Story

I rebooted my life and have now been reborn; a phoenix risen from my own ashes.