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When You Strive To Learn New Things ~ The Founder Of A Designing Firm & Co-founder of Multiple Ventures Shares His Story

Persistence is the key. We need to believe in ourselves.

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When You Believe That Nothing is Impossible Unless You Try It ~ A Sister Duo With A Creative Venture Share Their Story

Our customization and creativity, combined with our affordability factor have made our products a hit!

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When You Learn A Little Bit from Everyone & Everything Around You ~ A Woman With Multiple Creative Pursuits Shares Her Story

I was raised to appreciate the rich ethnic heritage that India had to offer, and I always believed that spreading this wealth of knowledge on my roots was something I wanted to do.

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Self-Discovery Leading to Professional Growth ~ An Interior Designer & DIY Enthusiast Shares Her Story

When looking for a source of motivation, I believe one doesn’t need to search hard or beyond their own circle.

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Sketching Own Future ~ A Fashion Designer’s Passionate Undertaking

I always wanted to be in the creative business. so its a different kind of high and satisfaction to have come this far. 

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When Your Clothes Define Your Personality ~ The Founder Of A Statement Wear Fashion Venture Shares Her Story

The biggest struggles I had to face were getting the right mix of fabric, bringing in the perfect vendors and most importantly reaching out to the buyers.

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Figuring Out Your Dreams & Purpose As Life Goes ~ An Artist Turned Entrepreneur Shares Her Journey

My biggest motivation has been the voice in my heart and head that just kept pushing me.

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When Life Grows After Marriage ~ A Designer & Founder of A Fashion Label Shares Her Journey

To all the women (and even men), I just want to say, that “Work hard and never give up on your dreams."

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When You Are Bored With The Ordinary & Conventional ~ An Interior Designer Shares Her Story

The journey hasn’t been an easy one, but the biggest perk is that I made it where I wanted to be.