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Facts About Savitribai Phule, India’s First Female Teacher

Let’s get to know the woman behind the name.


Childhood Nostalgia-Kids Games That Can Never Go out of Fashion

Children’s Day Special

Musings of a bored yet active mind

What’s the earliest memory you have of your childhood? Most of your firsts’ will be remembered only when you look at the photographs and your mom would be saying “That’s from the day you took your first step” or “That’s on your first day of school”. We don’t vividly remember all these moments. But without a shred of doubt, I can say that what we all do remember is our playtime!!

Let me tell you what mine is, I remember being surrounded by my friends and cousins. We were on the terrace of our building playing hide and seek. These evening hours were the most cherished for me, because I got to play! School over, tuition done, homework completed and then it was time to go out and play with friends!! Though I do not remember each day, I do remember being the most content during this time. It’s the…

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‘Men Don’t Get Raped, They Get Lucky’~The Other Side of #MeToo We Need to Address

Rape is unacceptable whether the victim is a woman, man or of any other gender.