Our Work & Clientele

With 5+years of experience in the field of professional writing (as well as writing for a hobby), Manali has ventured into varied fields of the arena; including content writing, copy writing, creative writing, short stories and poetry.

She has even edited a book for another author. Here’s a look at her diverse portfolio.

Short Stories

Website Content


Editing Work

….and many more ghost writing projects and assignments (which cannot be listed here)

She shares her travel stories, reviews and recommendations, open letters, and a lot more on this platform (arusticmind.com) itself. Her poetry, musings, anecdotes, microtales and quotes can be found on her Facebook and Instagram posts too.

If you’re looking for some real life inspiration, then follow the #WonderWomen stories, which get published under the Feature Friday segment on A Rustic Mind’s Instagram and Facebook pages. (if you want to share your story or know someone whose story you feel is inspiring, do let us know!! We’ll be happy to share it on this segment)