Wonder Women

When Making Everything Around You Beautiful is Your Driving Factor ~ A Software Engineer Cum Artisan of Handmade Items Shares Her Journey

Nothing can beat a special, handmade gift because the love it carries is truly out of the world.

Life, Throwback Thursday

The Day I Looked Best ~ Throwback to the Most Special Day of My Life

When I felt like a princess.

Wonder Women

When Creative Outlets Become Your Happy Place ~ The Founder of A Woodwork Venture Shares Her Story

It took some time but slowly and steadily everything fell into place

Wonder Women

When Nature Inspires Your Creative Side ~ The Founder of A Sustainable Handmade Jewelry Venture Shares Her Story

When my dream merged with my love for nature and passion for jewelleries, things began to change and Handmade by Tinni was born.

Wonder Women

When Art is Your Healer ~ An Interior Designer Cum Artist Shares Her Story

My turning point was when I understood that I need to keep doing what I love and forget about the number of followers.

Wonder Women

When You Draw Motivation From Other’s Happiness ~ The Founder of A Baking Enterprise Shares Her Story

Becoming a part of people's celebrations motivates me the most.


When Your Books End Up At Your Own Favorite Bookstore

Seeing my books placed next to some of my own favorite authors