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I Am the Moon by Sneha

Blurb (as on Amazon)

I am the Moon is an anthology of free verse and prose that reflects the different phases of life. In verse inspired by her personal experiences, Sneha tells how a woman feels in the different phases of her life including nursing a broken heart, knowing what love actually is, how important is healing to live, and moving from somehow surviving to live a more content, purposeful life.

Genre: Fiction/Poetry

Format: Kindle eBook/Paperback

Pages: 144


  • Kindle ebook: ₹99/$3.99
  • Paperback: ₹177/$10.99

My rating: 3.9/5

A collection of verses, this book is divided into eight sections: World, Life, Gloom, Body, Purpose, Love, Heal and Soul. These touch upon emotions in one’s life that emerge from various concerns in our day-to-day existence.

What I liked about the book:

  • Each piece leaves an impact on the heart and mind because it captures the essence of feelings of a human being in the different situations of life. Each verse is a beautiful reflection of reality and human life.
  • All the sections have relevant verses to them which make us think while reading. The author has written from personal experiences in her life and one can totally relate to the writing as it is likely that we may have also gone through some of the topics presented in our life.
  • The beautiful subtle sketches that go with each poem add a charm of their own.
  • The words are really comforting, more so because they’re deeply personal.  They coax us to embrace ourself in totality and assure us that it’s alright to be hurt, to be in pain and to rise above hatred.
  • The poet has shared her thoughts about things that are less talked about or taboo.

What I did not like about the book:

  • Certain sections don’t connect as well as the others. A few pieces of writing felt more like dragging and repenting. There is definitely some room for improvement in the writing framework.

Quotable quotes:

  • The world is full of people who will always compare your age with your behaviour
  • When something bad happens in your life, it’s natural to feel sad and cry and feel low. You start doubting your hope and questioning your faith.
  • Being responsible for how we feel is easy but learning not to be irresponsible is difficult.
  • Taking charge of yourself doesn’t have any cost attached to it; it’s totally FREE. You just need you.
  • There are questions who answers were not necessary to know, the purpose was…
  • You don’t need to take suggestions on ‘how you should live?’ from anyone who has not lived your life. The best in you comes from ignoring the people’s reaction to your decision. The best in you comes from understanding the fact that your way of understanding, whether right or wrong, can be different from others.
  • Start looking for people who treat you like you are alive even when you feel like you are nothing.
  • No matter what you feel or know, no matter what your potential gifts or talents are, only action brings them to life.
  • Motivation means becoming a better version of yourself
    Rather than trying to hide your incompleteness
  • Perhaps
    to grow
    to live
    I first need to accept my smallness
  • Don’t judge the pain by the time it took to heal
  • To reach somewhere, you need to leave from somewhere.
  • The first step to solving a problem is to accept that the problem exists.
  • A life of puprose is not only a true expression of who you really are; it is your gift to the world and the world needs what you have to offer.
  • Sometimes we do so easily what we always said that we will never do.
  • There is pain along the way. Not because all relationships are doomed but because relationships are complicated and that is what makes them so important to us.
  • All of us are infected by this disease, ‘what will others think of you!’ and the only cure is: get good at loving yourself
  • There might be a hundred people who have done the same thing that you are doing; there might be many who have learnt what you are learning now, but the ‘why’ you are doing it, is what makes all the difference. Doing is important but knowing the ‘why’ are you doing it is equally important.
  • Looking beautiful is not about hiding your faults, but shining through them.
  • Happiness is an inside job, let everyone make sure they are happy,
    You don’t need to lend your happiness to make others happy

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