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Travel Tales With M ~ De (B)ruilboom or De boekenboom

“I have always imagined that Paradise will be a kind of library.”
– Jorge Luis Borges

In the Dutch town Ruurlo there’s a special tree. Yep, it’s not just any tree, but a tree with books in it. The best part is, that anyone can take these books. You can borrow them as long as you bring them back again. The tree is a free library! YOU READ THAT RIGHT.

A ‘minibibliotheek’ or what we also call #littlefreelibrary, is housed inside a beautiful old chestnut tree at Ruurlo, Netherlands. This oh-so-beautiful tree trunk library is located in the Gelderland province of Netherlands in the village of Ruurlo. In the hamlet called the Bruil the locals started a book exchange tree, also called Bruil tree or exchange tree.

The purpose of this public library is to share and connect with book exchange for local residents and other bookworms. The motive behind it is to promote the reading of paper or print books. The books are kept in bookcases in a centuries-old chestnut tree trunk and are made by the carpenter Rene Bruns.

You can open the little cupboards in the tree. They’re not locked, don’t worry. You just need to pull the little door of each tiny glass cabinet (there are a total of 6 such cabinets in the trunk)

There’s a picnic table under a wooden canopy near the tree. So you can have a nice family picnic if you want to. There’s also a small bench on the other side of the tree, for you to sit and read.

Mini vlog of our visit to De boekenboom, Ruurlo

This library is a citizen’s initiative by civilians. It was undertaken as part of the cuts laid down by the government because of the economic crisis due to which more and more libraries in rural areas are getting closed.

Planning to visit? Here’s the exact location: In Ruurlo on the corner of Batsdijk and Vortsterkampweg.

Pro-tip: It is better to go there via your own car/means of transport because it is located in a remote area and is not well-connected via public transport.

Check out a full video tour of this place in the YouTube video below:

Mini Vlog ~ De (B)ruilboom or De boekenboom


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