Author Collaborative

In Conversation with Tomichan Matheikal

“In our age, there is no such thing as ‘keeping out of politics.’ All issues are political issues….”

George Orwell

My writing generally tends to be positive and optimistic. Although I have written about issues like environmental imbalance, women’s rights, rape, and LGBTQ+, I have shied away from opinionated pieces on most occasions. But I have huge admiration for writers and bloggers who are able to do so. One such person is a blogger whose posts I have been following for the past few months. I recently also read his debut book, Black Hole, and it only made me admire him even more.

Read my full review of this book here

I wanted to know and learn how to write such brave pieces. So I reached out to him and invited him to be a part of the #AuthorCollaborative. I was pleasantly surprised when he agreed, but who am I to complain, right? As is the norm, he read up my latest, Under the Mistletoe & Other Stories.

Read Tomichan’s full review here

Today evening, we interacted over an Instagram Live session.

IG handle: @arusticmind_

I picked his brains about how to write political and opinionated pieces the way he does.

Check out Tomichan’s responses to my questions here

Tomichan wanted to understand how and why I keep my stories and writing apolitical.

Check out my answers to Tomichan’s questions here

I needed a breather after that intense discussion and what better way than the rapid-fire round to do that?

Check out Tomichan’s responses to my questions here

I was kind of nervous about Tomichan’s questions because I expected some or the other political ones to be shot at me. But I managed to survive. Phew!

Check out my responses to Tomichan’s questions here

Despite my hesitance, I came out with a better insight and understanding.

You can have a look/see at our full conversation in the video below:

Books discussed in the session:


Thank you for reading.

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