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Me in 26 Words #WritingChallenge

I’m an active writer on Medium, and through one of the stories, I came to know about an interesting writing challenge. What any participant has to do is, find a word using each letter of the alphabet to describe themselves.

I decided to give it a go, thinking, why not? So, here it is.

Amiable: Although I’m an ambivert, I’m very easy to talk to. I’m an especially good listener.

Big-hearted: I have no qualms in admitting that I’m a miser. I spend my money wisely but I never shy away from sharing what I have, even though it might not be much, to begin with. The big-heartedness here also refers to my nature of being accepting of people’s behaviors and trying to give them more than one chance.

Ceaseless: I’m a big believer in results deriving from consistency. This shows in my work ethic and personal life as well. Hence, I’m almost never seen sitting idle.

Determined: Once I set my mind on a task or on achieving something, there’s no looking back. I can’t recall even one instance where I did not finish a task I took up, whether small or big.

Easy-going: Despite my almost neurotic nature, I’m quite an easy-going person and can make people of all ages and gender feel comfortable talking to me, or just sitting with me in companionable silence.

Fidgety: This is a by-product of my anxiety and of being ceaseless. My body is almost never out of motion. Shaking my legs, getting my hands on the things around me, and playing with my hair or fingers; are just some things you might find me indulging in when I’m not doing anything else.

Grounded: I have actually been told off by some of my closest friends for not being at least a little bit conceited about my success and achievements. But I have always found arrogance off-putting.

Humorous: If Chandler Bing ever had a female counterpart, that would be me. But, I can guarantee you that I’ll entertain you; irrespective of whether you’re meeting me in real or following me on social media.

Inquisitive: I don’t think or believe that curiosity killed the call. I’m actually sure that the cat was killed because nobody was brave or knowledgeable enough to answer her questions. In case that wasn’t clear, I AM THE CAT!

Jittery: Did I mention my anxiety issues already? Add inferiority complex and imposter syndrome into the mix. Does that justify the jitters? Well, at least to me it does.

Kooky: I’m quite unconventional in my clothing, my interactions, and overall choices. If that makes me kooky, I guess that’s what I am.

Loyal: If you’re my person, I will stand by you, at any cost; even when nobody else does, irrespective of your failures or successes, and even when you stop believing in yourself.

Methodical: I like everything about my work, my life, and my surroundings, to be in a certain manner. One thing out of place leads to my unraveling.

Nimble: I may not always be in the best of shape, but I have always been quick on my feet and my mind.

Observant: I’m not much of a talker, especially in a social setting where I don’t know many people. So, this is what I do then instead. I listen to and observe others.

Patient: Train running late? Flight canceled? Cab driver not showing up? Yeah, these scenarios don’t make me lose patience. Neither do people who are slow. I can and will wait for the right people to show up for a meeting, without getting irritated too. Unless I have other pressing issues to attend to.

Quemeful: I believe in redemption and people’s ability to change, grow and become better versions of themselves if given a chance. And anyway, life is too short to hold grudges, right?

Romantic: Is this even a valid trait when romance is one’s most-read and watched genre?

Sassy: Meet my sense-of-humor’s first cousin.

Thoughtful: One thing I’ve tried to but always failed to change in myself, is my instinct to think about how my action and words will hurt someone or their feelings. This sometimes leads to discomfort in myself, but I just cannot be impolite on purpose.

Unassuming: What people do in and with their lives is completely their call. If something makes someone happy, unless it’s not causing harm, I try not to jump to conclusions.

Versatile: Oh yeah! This one is my favorite because I’m a total DIY enthusiast. I blog, I write books, I write poetry, I create videos, I design my own social media posts, I edit others’ writing, you name anything with social media and writing, there’s a chance I’m already doing it, and if I’m not, I’m game to learning it. This holds true for my skills outside my profession as well, especially in cooking and home decor.

Well-intentioned: I will never intentionally cause harm to anyone, or speak badly to them or about them unless I’m very angry.

Xenodochial: Google tells me that the meaning of this word is “an adjective describing something – such as a person, place or software application — that is friendly to strangers.” Since we’ve established (hopefully) that I’m not a place or software application, we’ll go with me being a person who is friendly.

Young-at-heart: Most people who know me often complain that I don’t act my age or am not grown-up enough; sometimes comparisons are also made with people my age, and now those younger than me too, to imply how composed and well-mannered they are. But I can’t change who I am just like that, right? Even those who meet me for the first or look at a photo of mine somewhere, have a hard time believing I’m as old as my birth-certificate shows.

Zealous: Sure, I do get frustrated when midway through a task the results are not as I had expected them to be, but I never deter from my goal and neither does my energy to keep it going.


This was such a challenging job. Honestly, describing oneself isn’t as easy as we think it might be. Would you like to try out this challenge too? Then please go ahead and don’t forget to share your responses with me. Have fun!

Thank you for reading.

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