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10 Things You Didn’t Know About Me

  1. I have a hard time controlling my facial expressions. If you have a piece of news to share, a joke to tell, or want to tell or show me something; make sure it’s not something you will be embarrassed about in public. Because, I will laugh, whoop, shout out, or do anything that is likely to draw attention to me, and ultimately, to you. 
  2. My eating habits are frustrating. Going out for meals with me is not always a pleasant experience, because I don’t say yes to just about anything; especially not to junk food, that too on weekdays or anytime after 8 p.m. 
  3. My musical choices are questionable and highly contradictory. At one moment, I might be listening to a popular and appreciated romantic number. But the next song on my playlist might be a shady song, with objectionable lyrics. (for my Indian readers, think of Tum Se Hi vs Tu Cheez Badi Hai Mast Mast)

4. Travelling with me is both fun and annoying. It’s highly likely that I won’t follow the itinerary (unless it’s prepared by me), click photos at every opportunity, and insist on carrying (some) food and water. Umm, heard of dehyradation? 

5. I’m a sore loser, in every game imaginable. Be it a simple game of bridge, UNO cards, board games, or just about any indoor or outdoor game, I MUST WIN. If I don’t, it becomes evident on my face and in my behaviour that I’m not enjoying the game. 

6. Any comment (especially from a stranger) on my hair, clothes or physical appearance will lead to an outburst. 

7. When telling a funny story, I’m likely to laugh more than those listening to my story. Yeah, please, I’m hilarious!

8. I am not good at taking compliments. It’s an alien experience for me and most times it’s hard for me to believe someone liked something about me or is appreciating something I did. Huh? Me? Really? is my first reaction, ALWAYS. 

9. If I respond to something you said with a smile, it’s highly likely I didn’t hear or get what you said. So, maybe repeat it to get my honest response? or just let it rest. Yeah, that’s the wiser call. Because remember the very first point I made?

10. I either switch off or put my phone on airplane mode before going to bed every day. So, if there’s anything urgent you need to relay to me in the dead of the night, let it die (or maybe call my husband?)


This post is in response to a fellow writer’s story on Medium.  I had fun reading theirs and thought, “Well, I could have fun roasting myself too”. The result is here and I don’t know if it made you laugh, but it definitely made me smile. I invite anyone and everyone reading this to try out the trend (unless of course you’ve already done it and have not been living under a rock like me)

Thank you for reading.

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