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Forever at Crossroads by Charu Palta

Blurb (as on Amazon):

Standing at crossroads, the moment she is ready to move forward, life throws one challenge after another forcing her to think of taking an alternate route.

She is an average girl-next-door who could be anybody — a daughter, mother, sister, friend, wife, or lover. Irrespective of who she is, she adorns multiple roles, overcomes diverse challenges, and struggles to create a life of her choice.

The ever-changing society keeps on adding to her responsibilities and keeps raising its demands from her. As a real fighter, she undertakes each task without complaining and works hard to fulfill each and every one of them. Despite doing her best, she sometimes fails but she is never defeated, demonstrating her inner strength and willpower. Amidst the irregular and rough terrain of life, she finds her path at each crossroads.

Pages: 136

Format: Kindle ebook/Paperback

Genre: Fiction/Drama/Motivational


  • Kindle ebook: ₹150/$2.99
  • Paperback: ₹274/$14.99

My Rating: 3.3/5

Srishti has been a co-pilot for a few years but hasn’t been promoted despite her consistently good performance. When the pandemic hits, the airline puts her job on hold and reduces her salary to half. During this tough time, Srishti finds peace of mind in Rishikesh, through yoga and the beauty of nature. While she is contemplating her next move, she realizes a lot of things and decides to take control of her life.

What I liked about the book:

  • The power of a woman has been reflected well by portraying characters in various roles right from being a girl child, to a mother, a working woman, and to be a grandmother.
  • Through Srishti’s story, the author depicts a woman’s struggles and dilemmas across centuries. Though Srishti is the central character, it is via her that we meet so many other women around her, who all have their own struggles in life.
  • The author attempts to convey a powerful message about how women undergo adversity yet are still labeled as “weak” by society.
  • I liked the decision taken by Srishti’s mom in the end.
  • The childhood and growing-up years of Srishti have been shown really well. They very well justify Srishti’s animosity towards her father and also why her other two siblings do not have or face the same problems as she did.
  • The relationship between Srishti’s parents is strained but I like how the author does not judge or blame either parent for making the choices that they did.

What I did not like about the book:

  • Shrishti’s relationship with Shailesh seemed a bit unclear and I really could not find any fault in Shailesh for having moved on.
  • The grammar and typos are all over the place in this book. Sometimes the author has mixed person and third-person narratives, making it a frustrating read and breaking the flow of the story.

Quotable quotes:

  • Communication and signs are all around us, we just have to be silent to listen to them because communication is not always verbal.
  • Goals give us a reason to move forward in life and evolve as human beings.
  • In our social environment, the success of a girl is measured on the scale of how capable she is in keeping her husband and his family happy, which, is a mirage.
  • Sometimes things don’t work. This doesn’t mean we should stop making decisions for the future based on previous bad decisions.
  • Life is not that simple. Two plus two is not always four in life.
  • When we are close to something, it is difficult to see the clear picture. If we hold a mirror to our nose we may not see our reflection.
  • Decision-making and that too, at the right time, is very important to create harmony in relations and life. Only then we can live and die in peace, fully satisfied that we have done our bit.
  • A good-looking man can be the best match for any girl but this may or may not make him the best spouse.
  • Every relationship has to go through a rough patch to find greener pastures.

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