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03:21 AM: An Ode to Rust & Restlessness by Moushmi Radhanpara

Blurb (as on Amazon):

One day everything is fine, you are going about your life as you used to, working, eating, playing, the mornings are bright, the moon isn’t too dark for you, the coffee tastes sharp, the chocolate oozes love, you are happy. But the next thing you know is you are hit by something, a vague invisible gust of air, so full of weight and darkness that the same chocolate bursts of hatred, the coffee of gloom, the moon is too dark and the sun, senseless and blinding.

03:21 AM, is a collection of poetry trying to bring out these obscure feelings of someone who has no clue how to explain what they are going through, an appeal to make mental health issues just as easily acceptable. The book hopes that someone out there finds solace from the confusing conundrum of the verses and that it further gives a vivid picture of their torments and anguish to their loved ones. Together, we can acknowledge, accept, and overcome.

Pages: 186

Format: Kindle eBook/Paperback

Genre: Fiction/Poetry


  • Kindle eBook: 221 INR/$3.00
  • Paperback (available only on Amazon India): 225 INR

My rating: 4.5/5

The 30+ poems in this collection take you through the journey of mental health and wellness. In a healing, melancholic, and sometimes harsh manner, they lend a poetic touch to this much-needed to be addressed health matter.

What I liked about the book:

  • The book artfully weaves through its words, surgical treatment of layers of emotions. It talks of mental health in a manner that is at once hurting as well as healing. At places it makes you cry with brutally raw honesty and at places, it deconstructs complicated feelings.
  • At some points it makes you feel as though the words were just written by you or just for you, to kind of make you feel accepted and saying, ‘it’s okay, you’re not alone’

What I did not like about the book:

  • The theme and flow of poems do feel like it’s getting repetitive. This makes one lose interest.

Quotable quotes:

  • Accepting negativity is just as important a step in overcoming it.
  • Judging those who are already broken, is something, which we do so casually, not knowing what they are going through and how they are feeling. We tend to jump to conclusions not knowing the whole story.
  • The light so dim
    That even my shadows leave,
    The empty, hollow silence-
    The darkness engulfs
    Like a raging conflagration
  • Humanity-a constant enemy
    People are turning into a distant breed;
    Success is only money
    And happiness and love and peace
    All but a long-forgotten adversary
  • Turn me into the ashes
    Bury me in the depths
    Melt me in the waters
    Freeze me in the poles
    Or send me as a falling star
    Lost, forgotten, shooting bolt.
  • Blood draining through her eyes
    Pain seeping into her body,
    Yet she forged a pleasing smile
    Laughing callously at her own folly
  • I cant’ simply sit and wait for dawn
    No! No! But don’t ask me please to go on
    I am out of my sheaths and arrows
    And I can’t bear my world to become so shallow
  • I scoop myself in an embrace
    Toiling, combating and shuddering,
    I hold myself tight

    And I smile.
  • If only silences were enough
    I’d tell you how much it hurts
    If only smiles were enough
    The tears wouldn’t have a story to tell
  • Oh- I sinned
    Oh-I dreamed big
    Dreams don’t come true
    Now reality will
    Teasingly bite on you
  • The darkened night bring poetry
    Words mixed with words,
    An unfathomable poesy
    What only a dejected soul like me can read
  • People walk over me
    And I change colors
    Like a fallen leaf,

    And the shade of dried ink,
    Shattered and smeared
  • I refuse to need you, but I need you just as much
    All is not very pleasing, your kisses, your touch,
    You are simply essential; I let you devour
    Helpless I’ll be, but money is power
  • My lips taste poison
    And yet I don’t die
    I have nothing
    I am left with nothing
    No love, no hate
    And so I write a poetry about nothing
  • Alone, I can fight
    But I cannot show my scars
    To a coward crowd,
    Weaponless, I can fight

    Without the mask, alone- I can spend this night
  • I fill pages after pages
    With repetitive words
    I call them prose and poetry
    A literature student should know better
    These are nothing but a false alacrity
  • The earth is dying
    Climate changes are for real,
    The earth is changing
    But I live in my world, selfish and surreal

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