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Soul Chants by Harinder Cheema

Blurb (as on Amazon):

Soul Chants ” is a collection of Poetic Hymns.
This Book will take the reader to the realm of enchanting poetry where he would get entertained, enlightened, enriched, and uplifted. The Poet, Harinder Cheema has touched on varied subjects, and on every single journey of creating a poem, she wields the pen of knowledge dipped in the ink of benevolence.
” Soul Chants” is about God, Divinity, Love, Nature, Social issues, Women Empowerment, Philosophy, Life lessons, Spirituality, World Peace and it also celebrates the great and immortal works of some Literary giants from the past.

The Poet reflects on the present times with relevant allusions to the past in her poem,
” Hard Times”. Again in her poems ” Satan On The Prowl” and ” Are We Fortunate?”, she shows us the world as it exists today.
Some poems are motivational and extremely impactful like the ” Book Of Life”
and ” The Spirit Possessed By Love”.
Being a woman herself, she very effectively delivers strong messages through her poems, ” The Modern Woman”, ” Save The Cinderellas” and ” The Princess With Clipped Wings”.
Her profound poems like, ” The Soul’ s Salon, ” The Highway To Heaven”, ” The Proud Courier Girl” are pieces of art and have been translated into other Indian and foreign languages.
She is well known for her hard hitting poems on environmental degradation. ” The Lame Woman”,”The Intelligent Fool” and ” The Dirty River” are powerful examples.
Her love poems like ” That Summer Night” and ” I Don’t Care” would transport the reader to the world of romance from where he would not like to return.
Philosophical poems like the “, Roaring Tiger Of Desire”, ” The Real Pilgrimage will have a lingering effect on the reader.
Soul Chants will make the readers fall in love with poetry once again.
Harinder Cheema, like the Pied Piper, beckons beautiful words to weave her thoughts with and creates sheer magic with the ” Soul Chants”.

Genre: Fiction/Poetry

Pages: 100

Format: Kindle eBook/ Paperback


  • Kindle eBook: 99 INR/$2.99
  • Paperback: 150 INR/$7.00

My Rating: 4.5/5

With 50+ poems on different topics and touching on various subjects, including lifestyle and emotions, this collection is thought-provoking as well as a peaceful rendering of the soul and mind.

What I liked about the book:

  • The poems in this collection talk about how we should and need to leave the baggage of comparisons, expectations, desires, vanity, and ego to make this journey of life a beautiful one. It shows us how when we leave this baggage behind we can find that our home, aka the Earth, itself is heaven and we don’t need to wait for death to await our heavenly abode.
  • Philosophical, motivational, love poems, stories in a poem, all various styles and types of poems find a place in this one which shows us the versatility of the poet.
  • Some of my favorite titles from the collection include Oh Cupid!, God and Mother, Happiness is a State of Mind, The Poor Leela, The Mountain and The Sky, A Poetic Rendezvous, The Same Address, A Scorpion’s Sting, When Doves Cry, The New Theory of Revolution, The Last Letter, Are we Fortunate?, The Princess with Clipped Wings, The Children of Two Gods and Nursery Rhymes in Modern Times
  • The poems that told stories of heartbreak and lost love (The Same Address, The Last Letter) were so beautifully heartbreaking that you won’t be able to stop a sigh from escaping your mouth as you ponder life’s unfairness and question the human choices

What I did not like about the book:

  • At a few points, the rhyming seemed forced just to fit into the theme or a particular rhyming scheme. This made it distracting and broke the flow of reading.

Quotable quotes:

  • Heaven is not located at a distant place
    Heaven is your home on earth without the unneeded baggage
  • The cause of all desires is one’s own vanity
  • To seek HIM, you don’t need to be on a voyage
    Serving your loved ones is the real pilgrimage
  • See the world as a whole when others see it in parts
    And where is the need to have a calculating brain if you have a big good heart!
  • Why a murderer is convicted of one crime when he actually commits two.
    As when he destroys a life, he destroys a piece of art too.
  • Just spread a good word of love and compassion
    Celebrating Life should become the biggest fashion
  • Each day, the birds teach me that it is more important to be free
    Each day, the fallen leaf tells me that as compost it goes back to the tree
    Each day you will learn something if you open your inner eyes
    Your own awakening can alone make you so profound and wise.
  • I collect thoughts in my cart
    The ink flows from my heart
    That is how I create verse
    My office is the whole Universe
    And you thought being a poet is easy
  • Good deeds are not about building castles for the poor
    or taking them on a world tour
    It is about making a difference where we can
  • You live in deeds and not years
  • You don’t need to rush to the temple to worship the Almighty
    When you can actually serve him by serving the humanity
  • Sometimes we curse the wind that it is not on our side
    Sometimes we curse the moon that causes the high tide
    Sometimes we curse the snakes and the sharks
    Sometimes we curse the skies that are dark
    Hurling curses we want to reach our destination
    And then aspire for liberation
  • The world is being threatened by many an earthquake, virus and avalanche
    And here, the intelligent fool is sitting on a tree and cutting the same branch
  • In the scheme of things you may be a small twig
    But the sky is the limit if you dare to dream big
  • If you have the sight, you will see the colors seven
    But if you have the insight, you will see much more
  • Oh man! You call me the delicate one
    It’s my shoulder you cry upon
    You can be big, I am happy being small
    Anf I promise to hold you when you fall
    My strength the creator could clearly see
    So his power to create, he entrusted in me
  • Poetry is the medicine to me
    That can heal the tormented souls
    Poetry is the nectar to me
    Served in a beautiful bowl
    Poetry is a vehicle to me
    That carries my message to the world

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