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Zest for life may not be the same in everyone
You are no one to question or judge
Xenophobia is quite a common practice, but
Who are we to say what is right or wrong?
Victory and even failure are deserved by all
Universe is quite big, then why not our minds and thoughts?
Those who have a life different from ours are never easily liked or accepted
Should this not be a matter of concern?
Remind yourself to be kind, above everything else
Quota of love, success, and everything good in life, should it not be for all?
Perhaps we need to learn some new ways of life and unlearn the redundant ones
Or maybe, just be open to people who are unlike us
No one’s circumstances are what we presume or understand them to be
Most people just want to be
Let them be then, what’s so difficult in that?
Kids and adults alike, all have their differences and similarities
Just try to understand each one’s position and perspective
In the end, we all just want peace
Here’s how we can achieve it
Going out of the way is also not required
Friends and strangers,
Embrace and accept them all
Do you know what this is?
Caring, sharing, giving, all of it, yes
But more than that
An emotion we know of but hardly ever understand and practice, it’s SYMPATHY.

Note: With this poem in the emotive poetry series, I have experimented with the Alphabet Poetry form to define the associated emotion.


I’m participating in #BlogchatterA2Z and this post is the nineteenth one corresponding to the alphabet ‘S’ Know more about the challenge and my theme here. See you tomorrow with the next alphabet and a poem around another human emotion.

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