Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

When life is tough
Thinking of what you have
Instead of what you don’t
Recalling the happy days
Remembering that this is just a phase

There will be bad and good days
Because life is tough
and not always easy
But there’s that feeling that
helps you stay positive

Choosing to abate the negative
Accepting the struggles and challenges
When life is tough
Choosing to grow
Learning from it all

Life is what makes you
It is all also what you make of it
Sometimes life is easy
Sometimes life is tough
Never apart, all a package

Pessimists are always unhappy
The other type, those who accept,
Those who don’t grumble,
They understand optimism
Because they know that life is tough

Note: With this poem in the emotive poetry series, I have experimented with the Viator form to define the associated emotion.


I’m participating in #BlogchatterA2Z and this post is the fifteenth one corresponding to the alphabet ‘O’. Know more about the challenge and my theme here. See you tomorrow with the next alphabet and a poem around another human emotion.

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22 thoughts on “Optimistic”

  1. When the things get tougher, tougher gest going says the phrase. I believe the ‘tougher’ is one who is optimistic and strives to make things better by accepting things as they are to make them somewhat near to what they should be.
    Lovely poem to remind us that life is tough but being optimistic helps sail well.


  2. When life is tough, it’s the best thing to do to accept things as they are and focus on the positive around.


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