On the precipice of something new,
A big day, a good performance, expected, needed

Many faces, few known, most alien,
The matter, familiar, yet lack of confidence

Body shivering, heart fluttering
Fear, of failure, of unacceptance, of ridicule

A mass familiar scenario,
The result? Someone’s success story in the making

Note: With this poem in the emotive poetry series, I have experimented with the Landay form to define the associated emotion.


I’m participating in #BlogchatterA2Z and this post is the fourteenth one corresponding to the alphabet ‘N’. Know more about the challenge and my theme here. See you tomorrow with the next alphabet and a poem around another human emotion.

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20 thoughts on “Nervous”

  1. Nervousness is an energy but at the negative end of the spectrum. If put to good use, it can fuel the attitude of achieving perfection while surrendering to forces of nature for the outcome. Loved your portrayal of Nervousness with a positive outlook.


  2. Interesting take on Nervousness. Definitely a familiar scenario. Liked the way you had kept the twist to the end.
    Thank you, for introducing me to Landay form. Hope to try it soon 🙂


  3. Bookmarking this! I loved this soo much! I have always been a shy, introvert. Only a few days back I started meeting new people and it indeed feels like ‘My success story in the making’


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