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Ask for the out of ordinary
Ask for the absurd
Absurd for the ordinary
Absurd for your kicks
Kicks the soul
Kicks that make you laugh
Laugh out loud
Laugh alone or with others
Others might not enjoy
Others do not matter
Matter of your happiness
Matter that satisfies
Satisfies once in a while
Satisfies the curious mind
Mind that feels
Mind that wants novelty
Novelty in words
Novelty in action
Action defiant
Action playful
Playful demeanor
Playful words
Words that make smiles
Words that create joy
Joy sometimes
Joy not for all
All do not understand
All unacceptable
Unacceptable to boring
Unacceptable for sticklers
Sticklers for obedience
Sticklers of norms
Norms mean rules
Norms lead to dullness
Dullness sadness
Dullness less happy moments
Moments to create memories
Moments to enjoy
Enjoy life
Enjoy like a child
Child-like innocence
Child-like curiosity
Curiosity to learn
Curiosity to try
Try something new
Try never done
Done for some laughter
Done to bring joy

Note: With this poem in the emotive poetry series, I have experimented with the Blitz form to define the associated emotion.


I’m participating in #BlogchatterA2Z and this post is the thirteenth one corresponding to the alphabet ‘M’. Know more about the challenge and my theme here. See you tomorrow with the next alphabet and a poem around another human emotion.

Thank you for reading.

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