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Rubinite: The Cursed One by Haritha Sivakumar

Blurb (in my words):

Rudra is a headstrong, inspiring young woman and the founder/CEO of a magazine. Behind her success and seemingly perfect life though, is a dark secret. One of the writers at her magazine, Agastya, and his sister, Bhumi, become witnesses to this secret. Despite their differences, Rudra and Agastya work together to protect her secret. Meanwhile, Rudra’s guardian angel, Marky, seems to be falling in love with Bhumi. Will they be able to save Rudra and her secret?

Note: This story is an episodic tale, appearing in each issue of BeTales Magazine, episode wise

Genre: Fiction/Fantasy
Pages: NA

Format: eMagazine/Paperback

  • Paperback: 65 INR (+shipping charge)
  • eMagazine: 0 INR (free to download from website)

My Rating: 4/5

What I liked about the story:

  • It makes for an engaging read for lovers of the genre, especially fans of Harry Potter.
  • Despite all the darkness and tension, there are elements of humor that provide comedic relief.
  • The character of Rudra is ideal to be a role model for the young readers, especially teenagers.
  • Each episode is nicely segmented, ending at a point that retains curiosity for the upcoming issue and episode
  • Each new episode begins with a little throwback to the previous one helping us recall where we stopped reading.
  • The fantasy has elements of Indian mythology which makes it relatable to the Indian audience.
  • The moving between the past and present is done commendably, showing the character’s past and how it is connected to the events happening in the present.

What I did not like about the story:

  • It might be a little too dark for certain readers, especially those new to the genre.
  • The detailing about Rudra’s past could have been better done. The lack of this ends uo making some incidents confusing.

You can read this episodic story by subscribing to BeTales magazine via the link: BeTales Magazine

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