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The Girl With A Secret Crush by Sudha Nair

Blurb (as on Amazon):

Twenty-nine-year-old Malini is single, a cat lover, and a proofreader with a secret crush.

Vikram Mathur is a bestselling author with more than a dozen books and a debilitating problem—the writer’s block.

What Malini wants more than anything is to meet Vikram, but he doesn’t even know she exists.

What if wishes were to come true! Read this short and sweet story to find out.

Will Malini get her heart’s desire?

Will Vikram be able to write his next bestseller?

Genre: Fiction/Romantic Short Story

Pages: 31

Format: Kindle eBook

Price: 49 INR/$0.99

My rating: 3.6/5

Malini works at Jaico Publishing and as part of her job has read all of author Vikram Mathur’s books multiple times. She is a fan and has a huge crush on him so when a work meeting is set up between the two, she is nervous as well as excited. What will this lead to?

What I liked about the book:

  • It is a sweet story that leaves a smile on your face.
  •  The story is fast-paced, simple, and sweet with well-developed characters.
  • Though the storyline wasn’t too bad or too good yet it was an interesting piece to read.
  •  It makes for a good read for beginners or for those going through a reading slump.
  • As someone who loves to read as well as is a writer, I connected to both the lead characters.

What I did not like about the book:

  • The story is too short. It could have been elongated or more descriptive. It seems an early epilogue to the book.

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