“The usual for you?”

“No, wait….”

Her friend was surprised. Sure, they were meeting after a long gap. But in the many years that he had known her, her choice of the ice cream flavor had always been the same.

As he looked at her checking out the many options displayed and visible from the glass top counter, he heard her ask, “Do you have something in coconut?”

“Yes, ma’am. We have Roasted Coconut, Choco Chip Coconut, and Mocha Coconut”

He was finding the conversation quite amusing. She pondered for a while and said, “I’ll have a cone of Mocha Coconut.”

“What’s up with the coconut fetish?”

“Oh, nothing…”

“I have never seen you try anything beyond chocolate. And for the past few years, it has always been Cookies N Cream.”

She smiled impishly and replied with a glint in her eye, “Damn yeah, that was a phase too I guess…”

She went into a lapse as if she could not believe her past self.

Out of curiosity, he could not help asking, “So, what happened?”

“So, the coconut is not a fetish. It is something I enjoyed on a recent trip. I have been traveling more than I used to. The first time I went on a trip alone, it was horrible. I could not find any familiar dish. Especially anything savory. So, I began depending on sweets, like cakes, ice creams, bread, etc…”

“And the coconut is…?

“Yes, I am coming to that. The irony is, the more I ate chocolate-flavored cakes and ice creams, the more I began to dislike them. So, I switched to fruit flavors and then to just about anything except chocolate variants…”

“So, the chocolate lover became a chocolate… hater?”

“Haha, kind of. Yeah, you can say that. I do enjoy it once in a while but it’s not my first choice anymore. It’s funny how life changes us without us realizing it. Anyway, so the coconut variant became a preference after the recent trips to the Philippines and then Thailand. They have some really cool varieties. I picked up a nuts and seeds ice cream obsession for a while after trying Pet-Bird Flavored ice creams in Tokyo.”

Allowing her to take a breather, he smiled and asked, “Well, how’s this coconut then?”

She licked it a couple of times, let the taste settle in her mouth, and concluded, “Eh! I’ve had better.”

Their unanimous laughter drew frowns and curious stares. But the two, licked away furiously, before their ice creams melted away, wondering about how food choices could lead to personal growth too.


Thank you for reading. If you liked that microtale, you might want to check out my book The Untold Stories.

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