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A Peek Inside M&M’s Home Sweet Home

“Design is coming to grips with one’s real lifestyle, one’s real place in the world. Rooms should not be put together for show but to nourish one’s well-being.”

-Albert Hadley

Before I start writing what this post is about, here’s a little explanation about the ‘M&M’ in the blog title. For those of you who don’t know, my name is Manali, and my husband’s name is Manan. The M&M here is our couple name, coined by yours truly.

In one of my previous posts, I had spoken about unusual home decor items in my home. Because I received a lot of appreciation on that one, and also because a few similar posts on my Instagram and Facebook grabbed eyeballs, I thought of giving you all a further sneak peek and a virtual tour of sorts into my home sweet home. I’m no home decor expert nor an interior designer, but these could lend some inspiration to DIY enthusiasts like myself.

1. Spring floral decor

A few days back, the spring season set in in the Netherlands. Besides the sun coming in and bringing a huge respite from the dull and cold days of winter, this season also marked one of my other favorite things. THE COLORFUL FLOWERS!

Being a nature lover, I was inspired to infuse the colorfulness of these in my home decor. Hence, in came these purple and yellow flowers.

DIY window decor using spring flowers

Get a better look through this video:

DIY window decor using spring flowers

2. Floating bookshelves

Some of you might remember me talking about this in my previous post. I improvised and added a few more bookshelves to create a wall design similar to the shape of a flower. The frame you see in the center is an artwork of my poem ‘Safely Caged’ done by my super talented friend, Vidhi Desai. This wall is my pride and my happy place because those floating bookshelves and the door hanging are DIY and also of course because of my open secret of being a book lover. A home library is something I’ve always dreamt of and aimed at building and creating. So, seeing it every day is a pat on my own back for fulfilling a long worked-for goal.

DIY floating bookshelves and door hanging in our library cum study

Here’s a better at the wall look through this video:

DIY floating bookshelves in our library cum study

Get a closer look at the painting too.

Artist: Vidhi Desai

3. Staircase decor

When you think of a house in European countries, it is generally double-storeyed (sometimes more) and has a staircase. Ours is no different. When we moved in, I never thought that steps could be given a charm of their own. But, while surfing Amazon one day, I came across something and thought, “OMG! I need this for my stairwell.”

The photo below will tell you what I’m talking about.

The revamped staircase in our home

Get a better look through this video:

The revamped staircase in our home
Find this product here

4. Wall of fame

One of the very few things that my husband and I have in common is our love for entertainment, especially cinema aka movies, and shows/web series. We spend most evenings after work watching TV and happily so! My love for Bollywood is pretty obvious even in my writing and my books too. One evening while watching TV an idea struck me and the wall in the picture below is the end result. We (especially me! ) have been asked innumerable times for our movie and show recommendations. Though the list is verrrry long and some (rather most) of our choices don’t match always, here are a few of our common and most favourite ones. I love how the wall looks and am proud of myself for this creative idea and implementation of DIY home decor If ever you’d like our recommendation on your entertainment quota, refer to this wall which I’ve christened ‘Wall of Fame’, because why not?

Wall of Fame in our TV room with posters of our favorite shows and movies

Get a better look at the Wall of Fame through this video:

Wall of Fame in our TV room with posters of our favorite shows and movies

In case you’re confused about which movies and shows are on the wall, I prepared a list to help you out:

List of shows and movies on our Wall of Fame

By the way, did you spot any of your favorites here? What’s your favorite movie /show you feel should find a place on our wall of fame?

5. Bonus

For those of you who are new here. And if you’re revisiting my blog, here’s a little flashback, with an old photo and one new one of other misc decors in my current residence.

The other wall of our library cum study and one of the walls of our bedroom

That’s about it for now. If I add something new or some decor I feel is worthy of being shared with the world, I’ll write another blog post in the future. Hope these inspire those reading this post to beautify their own homes in their own way.


Thank you for reading.

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