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Theme Reveal for #BlogchatterA2Z Challenge

“There is immense power when a group of people with similar interests gets together to work toward the same goals.”
― Idowu Koyenikan

It is a general belief that any creative pursuit, especially writing, can be a very lonely activity or profession. Heck! I myself used to believe in this myth when I started out as a writer. But ironically, when the world was confined to the four walls because of the pandemic, I became an active part of a community I had hitherto been reluctant to become participative in. Ever since March 2020, I have become a part of various writing communities, blogger groups, author circles and even reading factions. It has been an immensely satisfying journey so far. One such community that tops my favorites is Blogchatter. I joined it sometime in May 2021, right after they were done with their A2Z Challenge for the year. You cannot imagine the disappointment I felt for my wrong timing to join the community because the members were still raving about how they enjoyed the challenge and how they were still reaping benefits from participating in it.

Anyhoo, April is here again, and guess what! It is time for this year’s A2Z Challenge on Blogchatter. I’m so happy that I will finally get to be a part of this exciting challenge. In case you’re wondering what it is, let me give you a gist.

 Each day of the month is dedicated to a letter of the English alphabet. For instance, 1st April is for letter A and you need to write something around the alphabet ‘A’, the 2nd day i.e. April 2 is for the letter B and you are expected to write using the letter ‘B’, and so on and so forth. So, one post for each letter is to be written for that letter on that day. All Sundays are rest days for both readers and bloggers, so you are exempted from writing anything on that day. Generally, most participants choose a theme but that is not mandatory.

Here’s a look at the calendar for this challenge:


 I know for a fact that this blog festival is popular worldwide. So, I’m really excited to participate in it and to read what other community members write.

For my first year as a participant, I have decided to focus on a theme close to my heart, a theme I believe I can do well in. So….here it is… my theme for season 6 of the #BlogchatterA2Z challenge is…. *drumrolls*

Specifically, I will focus on one emotion in every post and write a poem (long, short, haiku, tanka, and various forms of poetry) around it. For instance, A will be for anxiety, B for boredom, C for confusion…… and so on.

I hope this is as exciting for you as it is for me. I have already started to get my posts ready for the month dedicated to this challenge. So, mark your calendars, you all.

See you with the first post, oops, poetry, on April 1st. Toodles!

Poems written so far (19th April update):

Check out the other alphabets and emotive poetry:

I am participating in the #BlogchatterA2Z. Head over to BlogChatter to know more and join the fun!


Thank you for reading.

How to contact me:

5 thoughts on “Theme Reveal for #BlogchatterA2Z Challenge”

  1. This is such a beautiful theme for this challenge. I love poetry and seems like my April is sorted with so many poets from our community. Best wishes to you for your first time participation in this challenge. I am sure you will have much fun!
    Here is my theme reveal post. Hope you like reading it:


  2. Hi. I love poetry and history in poetry was my theme in 2020. This year too I will be doing poetry, although no specific theme as I am clubbing it with NaPoWriMo which also takes place in the month of April. Wishing you all the best. Will be looking out for your poems.


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