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The Blueprint of My Destiny by Shivangi Shahane Phanse

Blurb (as on Amazon):

You were meant to do your own thing! Everyone is born with a gift to scale mountains. Yet, most of us waste our lives living at the gloomy bottom. The reason is that we are prisoners of a demon called herd mentality. Our deepest urge prompts us to do one thing that will set us free, but we follow others and end up doing something insignificant. Shivangi Shahane Phanse was none different until she broke the shackles and dared to do what she wanted to do, what she was born to do. This is the story of a girl who defied ‘the normal’ and ventured on an adventurous journey of finding the right outlet for her creative urges and abilities. The journey showed her highs and lows, flights and falls, taught her important lessons, until finally, it took her where she never could reach if she hadn’t dared. Pick up this engaging read to find the inspiration that could change your life. About Author Shivangi Shahane Phanse is a successful interior designer with her own practice in Mumbai. Over her successful career, she has served prestigious clients from all over India and abroad. Through this book, she attempts to put an example before youngsters how they need to take charge of their career right from the beginning and pave a way to a successful and happy life.

Genre: Nonfiction/Biography/Motivational/Inspiring

Pages: 116

Format: Kindle eBook/Paperback


  • Kindle eBook: 99 INR/$1.36
  • Paperback (available only on Amazon India) : 295 INR

My rating: 4.4/5

A successful and celebrated interior designer, Shivangi Shahane Phanse, did not achieve it all overnight. In this biographical and self-help book, she shares anecdotes from her life with life lessons, that helped her reach where she is today.

What I liked about the book:

  • Without being preachy (and self-helpy) the book inspires and gives pratical learnings with examples from the author’s life.
  • The second part has some questionnaires and activities with tips and even the scope of studying interior design. It has activities to guide and help the readers find the purpose of life. So there’s something for everyone.
  • There is a lesson section at the end of every chapter. With this, the author has also added a few bullet points highlighting the key takeaways from each experience shared by her.

What I did not like about the book:

  • For all its pratical tips and tricks, some of them do seem to be limited to only those in the interior designing, architectural field. So it is not a one size fits all kind of a book which it is made out to be.

Quotable quotes:

  • If success is defined in narrow ways, as by monetary riches or fame, or perhaps intellectual achievements, then we miss all the things that make life so fantastic and worth living.
  • Success has no set parameters. Set your own parameters and feel proud of yourself.
  • Most people take a lifetime to understand what their passion is.
  • Something good for one person might not be suitable for another. Everyone has their passion and potential. Identifying that and acting on it is very important.
  • Ambience plays a vital role in creating an impression on the people. It helps increase productivity, footfalls, and business.
  • Do not confine yourself to self-set boundaries of growth. Keep exploring yourself. Learning is a lifelong process.
  • Don’t surrender yourself to the conditions around you.

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