“Where’s my wife? Where are my children? Where am I?”

He cried out in anguish. The white walls and the scrubs donned by people around him did little to dissipate his growing anxiety.

“Sir, please relax. You have been in an accident.”

A blinding light flashed in front of his eyes as he heard screams around him and then there was darkness.

One of the nurses turned to the attending doctor and asked, “This has been happening more frequently now. Why aren’t we telling him the truth, doctor?”

“Because I know what losing a family over something like this means. He was the only one who had the safety belt on and he survived. His physical injuries will be healed in time. But, if we tell him now his entire family has passed, he may never recover from the emotional pain. The loss will be hard to deal with and his guilt will only make it worse.”

“So you’re saying we keep lying to him?”

“No, I’m saying for his own safety we let his physical injuries heal before we give him the emotional ones.”


Note: This microtale highlights the importance of wearing safety belts in any moving vehicle. The aim here is to spread awareness about how it should not be only the person driving the vehicle who needs to wear a safety belt.

Thank you for reading.

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