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The Confused Bridegroom: A Romantic Comedy by Rubina Ramesh

Blurb (as on Amazon):

If someone had told Arvind Randhawa that he would one day trudge through the fields of Punjab in his designer shoes, the young NRI from London would have committed that person to an asylum. But here he was–lost amid the crops and cursing his grandfather for emotionally blackmailing him into marrying an old friend’s daughter, a promise the older man had made decades ago. And just like it happens in Bollywood movies, he meets Nikki in those luscious fields. Nikki is a bubbly girl and manages to crack Arvind’s forehead with a cricket ball on their first meeting. She must have hit him in the right place for Arvind falls in love with her. But trust his grandfather to make his life miserable by choosing the wrong daughter! While his heart was given to the younger daughter Nikki, it seemed he would have to tie the knot with the elder one.Caught between familial ties and love, Arvind has only two choices: kill the old friends under the same Peepal tree where they made promises about his life, or run away with Nikki. But can he do either?Dear Readers, The Confused Bridegroom is my first romantic comedy, and I hope you will smile as much reading it as I did while writing it.

Pages: 72

Format: Kindle eBook

Genre: Fiction/Romantic Comedy

Price: 99 INR/$2.99

My Rating: 3.7/5

Arvind Randhawa, an NRI from London, is visiting India for the first time. The purpose isn’t to explore his homeland, but it is to meet the girl he is supposed to get married to, albeit without his say in the matter. As he makes his way to the prospective bride’s home, little does he anticipate running into Nikki, in a completely Bollywoodish manner. Is she the one his grandfather has chosen for him? Well, that’s where things take a turn.

What I liked about the book:

  • The relationship between Arvind and Nikita is built up in a nice manner which makes the book the sweet romance story it promises to be.
  • The plot takes the reader on a rollercoaster of emotions and feelings along with the perfect mix of romance and comedy.
  • Both the families have the typical Indianess of being overtly involved in the each other’s personal lives, no concept of space, lashing out at each other verbally, being loud and brash, but beneath it all, caring for each other. It has that familiarity that makes the whole setting endearing, relatable and authentic.
  • Arvind’s monlogue about being a confused NRI is spot-on and one can empathise with his plight about facing identity crisis, regarding himself and his native land.
  • Ruchika’s obsession with London and Big Ben is hilarious.
  • You come to be frustrated and then admire Nikita, first for not standing by Arvind and then taking a stand for herself, despite her fear of her parents’ wrath.

What I did not like about the book:

  • It could have been a bit longer and the other characters could have been given some more space as well, especially when there was another parallel love story going on behind the scenes.

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