Microtales, Poems


A family grieving.

Reason: From four, they were now three.

“It all happens for the good.”

“Stay strong. It will all be okay soon.”

“They’re in a better place now.”

“God takes only from those he loves the most.”

Well-meaning words but all fake, shallow, and frankly quite meaningless.

The three left behind could only wonder.

“Is she really in a better place?”

“It’s never going to be okay.”

“I don’t want to be God’s most loved.”

“Why do I have to stay strong when I feel weak, drained, and in pain?”

In the name of social courtesies,

Do we have to say the wrong words or just about anything,

rather than choosing to stay quiet?

Why not just be by their side,

Lend a comforting touch, or

A warm hug?

If actions are louder than words,

Someone’s grief and loss are the times to prove so.


Thank you for reading.

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