Walk Away

The route taken,

May or may not be smooth,

Might or might not lead to happiness,

There is no guarantee of success either.

But there is one surety,

That it won’t be without roadblocks,

There will be struggles and challenges,

Sometimes big, sometimes small,

Mostly never a smooth journey.

There will also come a point when you have to choose

Between continuing on the same path,

Or walking away and taking another one.

How do you choose then?

Ask yourself,

Have you reached where you aimed to?

Reflect upon,

Whether the path you’re on is taking you ahead or blocking the way ahead?

Contemplate whether

You are happier than you were before you chose to walk on this path?

If most of these are not in the affirmative,

It’s a sign to walk away,

In order to continue marching,

Albeit on a new route.


Thank you for reading.

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