Size, Shape & Color

I looked at the mirror assuring myself, “You look great!”

And stepped out of my room brimming with self-confidence.

Mother said, “That color doesn’t go well with your skin tone”

“But I like it and I think I look great!”

I stepped out of my house, happy with my choice, albeit with a little dent in my confidence.

The neighbor said, “That outfit is a little tight, isn’t it? You should wear loose-fitting clothes for your body type.”

“I know what suits my body type and this outfit is well-fitted.”

I made my way to work, the dent in my confidence a little bigger now.

A colleague asked, “Doesn’t wearing a sleeveless blouse to work, make you feel conscious about your flabby arms?”

“It is what is.”

The confidence was now nowhere in sight as self-doubt slowly replaced self-assurance.

I asked the mirror, “Do I really look great?”

The reflection stared back confused and sorrowful

As I took in my size, shape, and color I asked again, “Does this define me?”

It smiled, and said, “Yes, it does. And yes, you look great with it all.”

Just like that, the self-assurance dominated the self-doubt again.


Thank you for reading.

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