No Secret Formula

A photo of ‘us’ on our wedding day (21st February 2017)

I prefer late nights

He says, “Let’s do it before midnight”

I prefer going out,

He says, “Let’s stay in”

I prefer books,

He says, “Let’s watch the screen adaptation”

I prefer slice of life entertainment,

He says, “Let’s watch an over-the-top dramatic movie”

I prefer artsy,

He says, “Let’s stick to basics”

I prefer budget shopping,

He says, “Let’s go for branded stuff”

I prefer to write and express,

He says, “I don’t read”

I prefer homemade food

He says, “Let’s order from outside”

I prefer packing to the optimum,

He says, “Let’s travel light”

Where and how do we connect?

By finding a common ground

To what we both like.

By letting go of some things, sometimes

To make the other one happy.

Does it work?

I guess so,


How else,

Did we make it so far?

Are we happy?

I know so,


How else,

Are we both making each other laugh and smile,

On most days together?

Is there a secret formula?

I wouldn’t know


There are bad days and moments too,

And how we deal with them,

Can never be predicted

Neither can it be a ‘one size fits all’.

But what we do know,

Is that we make ‘us’ work

Because we want it to.

You and I became ‘us’.

His and hers continues to be ‘ours’

Because that’s what makes both of us happy.

5 years they say is a long time,

But for us it is just a number,

Another milestone,

In a journey we want to continue on,


Now and for many more years.


Thank you for reading.

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