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Me vs Me

This is a photograph of me taken in February 2021.

Thanks to Google photos, a notification popped up on my phone a few days back, reminding me of this memory. Immediately something else came to my mind too. I checked my recent photos and guess what?

Another photo of mine, taken in February 2022 showed up as I scrolled through my phone’s photo gallery.

I started comparing both the photos right away. Yes, because I’m kinda self-obsessed that way. If you’ve been following me for a while, you know the next step would have been some idea popping up in my head. I thought of using these photos to create engaging content and to send out a message through my social media.

So, I made a fun Spot the Differences post about it on my Instagram handle.

You can do so too. Here’s a look at them both again.

What was the message that I wanted to send out? Well, there are two major reasons:

1. Wardrobe Functioning

The first photo was taken in February 2021 and the second photo is from February 2022. I’m wearing the same blouse in both the photos (in case that’s not clear by now). By sharing this I wanted to send out a message that it’s okay to repeat your outfits. It’s okay to own/keep the same clothes in your possession for years. We need to understand and normalize the notion that our wardrobe doesn’t need to grow in size or variety every year or periodically just because you feel ‘log kya kahenge’ if you don’t update it. We need to be comfortable in buying clothes and wearing them as and when we feel the need or by keeping our happiness in mind.

2. Consistency leads to results

Before March 2020, I was a camera-shy person and definitely sucked at clicking selfies. I hardly ever showed my face on my social media because it made me feel so awkward and I was shit scared of putting myself out there. These two photos, taken a year apart, are proof of what consistency can lead to.

What am I trying to prove with that? Just that getting out of your comfort zone can be scary, but it will lead to growth and improvement if done consistently. I’m not a pro at facing the camera, recording myself, or doing a live interaction, but after over 50+ live interactions and countless selfies clicked and shared on social media regularly, I can see the improvement. My takeaway? I’m gonna keep trying things I’ve never done before. That’s how I know I’ll grow.

What change/growth have you seen in yourself in the past year or two? Let me know in the comments.


Thank you for reading.

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4 thoughts on “Me vs Me”

  1. True words.. we should be our only competition and should try to improve ourselves. I have never been fond of having a large quantity of clothes and so don’t have problem repeating what i own. The selfie and being self conscious about one’s looks is one thing that i have faced too. But over the period of time i have become very comfortable under my own skin and i’m liking it. This year i have decided to be more disciplined in my writing projects. I have never been disciplined in that and hence i have written short stories but lack the discpline to tackle longer projects. May be this year i’ll finish writing novelette or a novella.


    1. That’s wonderful, Vikas. Good luck with your novella. I, for one, would be really happy if you’re able to release it soon and would be delighted to read it.
      Glad to find someone who resonates with my philosophy about the wardrobe. It’s really baffling for me when someone says they can’t repeat their outfits


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