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Messily Married by Abhishek Bhattacharya

Blurb (as on Amazon):

“The first rays of the sun fell on my face, waking me for the first time as a married man. I found Shreya lying on my lap. Though I had kissed her, several times before as my girlfriend, for the first time I kissed my wife. The morning sun rays proclaimed the beginning of a fresh chapter in our lives. Shreya and Abhinav were now officially married. As I locked my lips with Shreya’s, little did I know, that within a decade of our marriage, our lips will lock less and talk more.”

‘Marriage’ is a mammoth metamorphosis of human life. Priorities, feelings, romance, and likings change with every passing year of married life. One fine day, we realise that we are converted into parents and that becomes more important than being a couple. Slowly difference of opinion starts cropping up between and the relationship starts getting messy. The story is about Shreya and Abhinav’s life-changing marriage experiences, which any couple can relate to.

Enjoy, it is your own story!

Genre: Fiction/Contemporary Romance

Pages: 175

Format: Kindle eBook/Paperback

My Rating: 4.4/5

Abhinav and Shreya have been married for almost two decades. Their marital life has been a journey of ups in the beginning and downs in the latter part. After becoming parents, their differences rise and the only thing holding them together is their love for their son. Will their relationship survive their rising differences? If yes, then how?

What I liked about the book:

  • It tells an authentic story, which is at once relatable as well as enjoyable, and has an affirmative ending. 
  • The writing is well paced and detailed, making it easy to visualize what’s being narrated.
  • The struggles and challenges faced by the couple in trying to have a child are very real and heart wrenching. Most couples who have had children in the past two decades (or are trying to have children) will easily be able to relate.
  • The Mumbai floods of 2005 are depicted in a manner that makes us recall that horrific incident and be grateful about having survived it. You feel scared and find yourself praying for the well being of all the characters that are part of that incident in the book.
  • The lifestyle differences between the two major metro cities of India, aka Mumbai and Gurgaon have been brought out quite nicely.
  • The story offers a great lesson in hanging on to what’s important in life and not letting the problems, however large, ruin what’s good in your life. 

What I did not like about the book:

  • Though the writer concentrates on the problems in the married life, the points that he brought forth seemed to be repetitive.
  • The male protagonist’s viewpoints felt a little sexist. May be telling the story from the female protagonist’s PoV or having a different PoV in some chapters might have helped with this misunderstanding.

Quotable quotes:

  • At least the pandemic rekindled a few lives though it took away many.
  • Health is indeed the most precious wealth. The pandemic has reasserted that naked truth to all.
  • Only action can reduce anxiety.
  • The more one thinks negatively about an event, the more likely the event would turn out to be negative.
  • Suddenly the pandemic made us realize that we need so little as essentials in life. All our spending was for nonessentials substances.
  • Sometimes too much togetherness causes couples to take each for granted.
  • Love was becoming more of a habit to us now than a romantic bond. Our staying together was becoming routine more than anything else.
  • Today’s kids can only be guided, not commanded.
  • Life does not give everything to everyone. We need to learn to live the way it is.
  • Humans live on hope and hope is the best healer to help us move on.
  • God gives just as much sorrow to you that you can bear.
  • I did not feel hunger or thirst at all. Grief can take over one’s physical needs.
  • A grief shared is grief halved.
  • It is important to think keep cool in a criris and think of solutions rather than dwelling on the problem.
  • Every ‘tomorrow’ may have something unexpected in store for us.
  • We should value everyone around us. Life is not a solo journey and every human we touch becomes a part of our existence.
  • Happiness lays in being more successful than your peers. Very few people, get sincerely pleased with their neighbour’s prosperity. In fact, the easiest way to unhappiness is comparison. The one who celebrates the other’s success from the heart is a true friend. The rest are just fair-weather friends.
  • When it comes to being in a relationship with Mumbai, two months is a good enough time to decide which way it would go. Some fall in love with the city in these two months and resolve not to leave forever, while some detest it and start looking for a way out.
  • She remained silent for a long time. It wasn’t just her, but I guess that’s how most wives behave when their husband is not in line with their thoughts.
  • Women’s careers will continue to demand their attention throughout their lives, does that mean they should never become mothers?

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