Never Gone


They say,

Has no barriers,

Of language,

Of age,

Of religion or caste.

She proved this to be true,

How else would,

A voice touch,

over three generations.

Be a favorite of,

children and adults alike.

Make it impossible,

to think of a song or a movie,

or an entire industry,

To exist without her name and voice,

making a contribution.

To be relevant,

for over five decades,

To be touted as

Nightingale of India,

Queen of Melody,

Voice of India,

And so many other accolades and achievements.

She may not be with us physically,

But in spirit and in our hearts,

She will continue to live,

For many generations,

For as long as the music keeps playing,

For time immemorial.

Because somebody like her,

Can never be gone.


Thank you for reading.

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