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In Conversation with Venuka Goyal

You don’t need a corporation or a marketing company to brand you now: you can do it yourself. You can establish who you are with a social media following.” — Ray Allen

I often joke that if not for social media, my books wouldn’t sell more than 50 copies. This, I think and strongly believe, is true for most authors and content creators today. To reach a wider and newer audience, social media presence is a must. I wanted to understand how someone else, besides me and in my field, uses social media to promote their work. One name that immediately came to my mind was Venuka Goyal. No, not because she has a huge social media following. But because from the community of writers and authors that I know and follow on social media, she is someone who is fairly new. But my major reason to pick her was that I have seen her being creative with her content, especially when talking about her books. This got me interested in picking up her latest book, On the Bright Side. Not surprisingly, I ended up enjoying it.

Read my detailed review of this book here

She has been a guest on the #AuthorCollaborative before when she read Love (Try) Angle. This time she chose my latest book, Under the Mistletoe & Other Stories, and here’s what she had to say about it.

Read Venuka’s detailed review of this book here

Today evening, I finally got a chance to learn her process of working around social media.

IG handle: @arusticmind_

Of course, this wasn’t the only thing we spoke about in our forty-five-minute conversation. Here’s a look at my questions to her.

Listen to Venuka’s answers here

Venuka too wanted to know my book promotion and creative writing process. Here’s a look at her questions for me.

Listen to my answers here

After that intensive talk that helped us learn and gain knowledge from each other, we did a rapid-fire round before ending the session.

My questions to Venuka in this segment were fun, and so were her responses to it.

Listen to Venuka’s answers here

I thoroughly enjoy answering questions in this segment and I particularly liked what came my way today. Why? Have a look at Venuka’s questions and you’ll know.

Listen to my answers here

You can catch our full conversation in the video below:

Books discussed in the episode:


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