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Towards the Last Wish by Drishti Dasgupta

Blurb (as on Amazon):

About the Book

Some stories are complete in their incompleteness. Theirs was one such story!

Aahana finds herself amidst a mind agonizing situation where her memories start to betray her, piece by piece. Amongst those missing pieces, is an incomplete story from her past that has to be brought to closure.

Distressed by his inner demons of doubt and loss, Saksham sets out on a quest to the untrodden roads of northwest Kashmir to seek that unfinished story.

There, he meets Aabir – the CEO of Adroit Financial Solutions, who despite being powerful for the world, is powerless in the fight against the battles erupting in his very own core. 

And together, they voyage the story from a long-gone past, at the end of which, they find the missing pieces of their own beings.

This is a story of being broken and of being whole again. 

This is a story of love, hope, life, dreams, and a wish.

This is the story of how these lives entangle and evolve while on their journey towards the last wish!

About the Author
Drishti Dasgupta is a book devourer, nature admirer, and an absolute lover of the furry little barking creatures with paws! She lives in Toronto and works at a major software company. 
She is fascinated by the simplicity and complexity of human relationships and emotions and wants to weave her stories to acknowledge those and connect with people at a basic level. Previously, she has written short stories which have been published as part of anthologies. Towards the last wish is her first novel and she hopes to touch a few souls with this story. 

Genre: Fiction/Romantic Drama

Pages: 293

Format: Kindle eBook/Paperback


  • Kindle eBook: 125 INR/$7.59
  • Paperback: 175 INR/$7.33

My rating: 4.7/5

Saksham and Aahana lead a happily married life until Aahaana’s health starts deteriorating. To fulfill her last wish, Saksham ends up digging into Aahana’s past leading to revelations of some ugly truths. Will this help Aahana heal or would it shatter everyone’s lives forever?

What I liked about the book:

  • The story minutely examines the human relationships, with themselves and others, leaving behind a lasting impact on its readers.
  • While the story is not entirely fresh it surprisingly keeps you hooked page after page. It is a joy ride to go through multiple equations and see the characters growing into a better version of themselves.
  • You can’t help but root for Saksham. He is the Mr.Perfect all women would dream of having as a lover/life partner. The way he supports Aahana and understands her past is something unbelievable and makes you go ‘aww’ at every scene.
  • The story is multi-layered and serves like a two-course romance, with the present and the past. Both of which are really well-written.
  • The description of the scenes in Tahi and Darjeeling, with the sightseeing, paints a vivid picture of the hills and the natural beauty, making the reader want to visit those places right away.
  • The romantic scenes and physical intimacy between the characters have been written very subtly, with the right kind of words and emotions, never bordering on cheap or going too far with the description.
  • The mystery of ‘The Last Wish’ is maintained well, keeping us hooked till the end. I love how secrecy about Aahana’s past is maintained, especially in the initial chapters.
  • The school and childhood days of Aahana, Aabir, and all of their friends, bring in a tinge of nostalgia making us recall our school days and the sweet memories of our first love/crush.
  • The narration is smooth and flows well. The book is highly recommended for people who enjoy emotional stories that have many twists and turns, like a Bollywood masala movie.
  • What I loved the most is that the story shows the downside of relationships too. It shows that reality is flawed and that not everyone gets a happily ever after.
  • Though Sakhsam is the ideal character in the romance angle, what is inspiring to read is Aabir’s growth and character arc, and how he becomes a better person.

What I did not like about the book:

  • For seasoned readers, the story would be a tad dramatic and predictable.
  • Though they are just a few to shrug away or ignore, minor grammatical errors here and there, do appear.

Quotable quotes:

  • Darkness is a part of everybody’s life – a part that no one wants but everybody needs in order to carve the best jewel out of themselves. Perhaps, just as the sky blackens before the rain for it to pour in its full glory, our life darkens at times for us to live our life’s best story.
  • Life is like a piece of paper. We cannot expect it to be fresh and spotless forever. With every moment that slips by, an imprint occupies a part of it. Some of those we are happy to have, while there are some we aren’t pleased about. At times, the paper may get crumpled. Some other time, it may be torn in a way that it never gets a chance to fall back in place. But even amidst those torn pieces, there survives a story. Memories are those pieces and life is the story.
  • Sometimes, time does not age people. Life does.
  • The silence felt comforting. It was amongst those moments when you can simply sit idle and silent, together, yet feel happy about the company you have by your side.
  • ‘Reality is nothing but a fiction lived. Some people believe it, some don’t. But tell me, are our lives any less than fiction? Pick any random person from the crowd and you’ll have a story

‘Reality simply takes a longer time to reach an end, whereas fiction has an end just a few hundred pages away – the only difference.’

‘But well, fiction thrives on having a happy ending. That’s rare with reality.’

‘Reality always has its own happy ending. Yes, it may not be as mushy and magical as the one in movies. But trust me, the end, whatever it may be, will always be worth it.’

  • Perhaps, by coincidence or by destiny, we come across people who happen to bring a new path into our lives.
  • There will be many instances in life where we won’t get to know the why but only what. There would be questions that would be left unanswered for all our lives.
  • It’s amazing how some songs can say exactly what you’re feeling at a moment.
  • If love ended after knowing unpleasant truths, there won’t be love anywhere in this world.
  • Love is very selfish. It makes you crave for your loved one’s togetherness. It makes you addicted to the feelings that arise inside you for your lover. But love is never forced, it is simply felt.
  • Time is not the measure to know someone. It’s the raw acknowledgment of souls that leads to the knowing.
  • There are times when the emotions become so strong and powerful that they overpower and charge the aura around, making their presence felt.
  • Love is too pure and innocent an emotion to demand condition. Love is to life; what rain is to soil. It’s the rain that gives fragrance to soil; else it is nothing but dust. It’s the love that gives soul to life. Without it, we are just a hollow body.
  • The ultimate goal of life is not to be immortal but to have sufficient time to live.
  • What’s the point in destroying the present we have in hand for the past that is gone? Let’s just live these moments before they too, end.
  • It is love that repairs every wreck and heals every scar.
  • The only way to preserve time is by walking by its side, by living in every bit of sand that drips away.
  • Every end of a story marks the beginning of another.
  • ‘Nobody ever gets everything in life. Something will always be incomplete and missing.’

Absolutely. But that doesn’t mean you let the incompleteness make you hollow and let it snatch the twinkle away from your eyes. Learn to live with it.’

  • There are certain beliefs you need to hold on to, to survive – if you don’t, then you will live your life in oblivion and then die without knowing your worth. But there are certain unexplained things in this universe that have greater power, a power that brings magic into your life. Some people call it prayer, some call it to hope, others call it destiny and people like me call it magic – different names of the same power – a power that keeps you going.
  • Fate is the director of our life. It will make sure that we experience every frame that is required to complete our life story. Sometimes, it will make us sulk in its own setting and then one day, it will pull us out of our misery and show us the world never seen before. It will make us run, it will make us stop and pant, it will make us chase our dreams, it will make us lose, it will also fail us in our own very eyes but only for a better end – just to complete our story with the best plot ever. That’s all life is about, after all.
  • It is always difficult to leave the life you have spent with so much joy and affection and move into an altogether new world. But the truth is – change is not the problem, transition is.
  • Past moments are like stale flowers. Flowers are beautiful but if we keep touching them, crumpling them, they turn stale. We cannot get the fresh ones until we let go of the stale ones. For anything too old is stale, we need to let them go. We need to keep our hands empty of the past just so that we can embrace our present. Cherish the memories but never hold onto something that is gone and that has served its purpose – be it something beautiful or ugly.
  • Rarely in our life, we come across someone who can make us better in every step of the way. And when we find them, we want them for eternity.
  • ‘We have come a long way since we left school.’

‘We sure did. Seven years back, all we wanted to do was to pass our exams and please our friends. Now life is all about achieving success and pleasing our own soul who happens to be like a grumpy old man – always unsatisfied, no matter what it comes across.’

  • The purpose of people in our life is not to give it a happy end. Sometimes, some people come into our lives just to be a part of our story. Good moments with them give us memories and bad ones give us experience. It’s then up to us how do we make use of the wisdom we achieved.
  • Every second of our life has a purpose. Every person we meet has a purpose. And the purpose is to bring essence to our life story. Once they fulfill their purpose in our life, they move away to fulfill another’s. There would be only a handful of people who would stay in our life until the end – because their purpose is not only to bring essence to our life but also to complete it. And one of the quests of our life is also to find those handful of people and cherish them once we do.
  • Some people will seem special at the first sight. But it’s the autumn of your life that will show you who will leave your side and fly with the wind and who will stay by your side, holding onto you tight. It’s only the latter who will remain worthy to be special to you till your last sight.
  • Few scars penetrate through our soul so deep that they can never be healed. They can simply be embraced, amalgamated into our own being and reflected to the world like an armour. Like the markings of victory and a sign of courage.
  • Some realizations are worth if only they happen at the right moment. Once the moment is gone, there is nothing left but regrets.
  • Things get easier to deal with if there’s acceptance.
  • That’s what life is like. It never goes as you plan. It always has some tricks up its sleeve to leave you off guard.
  • Some stories are complete in their incompleteness. Ours was one such story.
  • There are moments when millions of thoughts run across our mind and we do not know which one to get hold of. It’s the moment of plain confusion, restlessness, and dejectedness.
  • Yes, love can happen more than once. Maybe we have had wrong notions about love all our life. We have learned that love happens only once and that it is an unbreakable bond between two people. They say, if you fall out of love, you were never in love in the first place. Is it true? Maybe not.
  • Love is an energy and we have learned, scientifically, that energy can never be destroyed but can only be transformed. Sometimes the sources of that energy – the two people in love – may stop generating the energy for some reason. No more energy gets generated but those which have already been thrown into the universe by them simply transform. At times, it may stay as love but sometimes it transforms to hate, sometimes to anger, other times to sadness and at some point, it comes down to indifference. But it exists, in some form or the other, it does. Perhaps, the energy diminishes. The magic diminishes. And when they come across bigger magic – a new rush of energy that fills their life with light, that’s when love happens. Again. That’s when the brightness of their life that moment diminishes the shadow of their past. Sometimes, to the extent of eliminating it altogether.
  • Your broken family taught you the value of having a real family, but my broken family taught me the value of power.
  • Life is unfair but it is also beautiful. It made us meet and it made us fall in love. We don’t need a forever for our happy ending. The handful of moments of togetherness we had is worth a million lives.

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