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A Small Decision With A Growth Impact

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Somebody posed me with a question on Quora saying, “What has your spouse done that completely blew your mind?” It got me thinking about our years together and so many moments that we’ve spent together.

My husband and I have been married for 5 years and the one word that comes to my mind when I think about my life with him is ‘easy’.

I’m an anxiety-ridden person who overthinks every little thing. But, being married to him, helps me stay calm. That is something that blows my mind, every single day.

He is the ice to my fire, quite aptly.

Let me give you an example. A few years back, I was traveling alone internationally for the first time. I was to join him at a place where he was putting up for work. Being the kind of person that I am, I insisted that he come pick me up at the airport. It is very natural for anyone to expect their partner to come around saying yes to such a request, sooner or later.

But, he kept saying no. He kept insisting it’s fairly straightforward and I could easily manage it and should not overthink it.

One major reason for his denial of course was the fact that I was landing during day time on a weekday. He was on the client-side and getting away from work would have been difficult, if not impossible.

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The second reason (the one he never admitted) was that he probably wanted to get me accustomed to being okay with traveling alone. He never said it in words and I never asked him later. But that one decision of his not only got me hooked into solo traveling/exploring but helped get rid of a lot of my anxieties. He prepared me well for every stage, right from what documents they might ask for at customs, to how I should navigate my way to the hotel (getting the onward journey tickets, looking for the right train, where to get down, etc) after landing.

He never said it in words but that one decision of his not only got me hooked into solo traveling/exploring but helped get rid of a lot of my anxieties.

I pull his leg when we’re together with friends and family about how he could leave his wife alone in an unknown place. But I think that’s one instance that will forever be embedded in my memory as something that blew my mind. It might come across as indifference at first, but there’s deeper care involved here, which many might miss.

That’s just one example, by the way, out of the many other things he does and continues to do, for me, and for us.

Also, this might look like a small or insignificant decision, but I believe it has played a huge role in my growth. I’m better at handling unexpected and new situations and talking to unknown people than I was, before successfully undertaking that journey. I’m also game for newer experiences now.

Have you ever had such an experience, where a small decision made a huge impact on your life?


Thank you for reading.

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