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The Man Who Defeated His Death by Mr. Vastav

Blurb (as on Amazon):

It is an Inspirational and informational Biography of Mr. Nandalal from India, a simple family man who transformed himself from a Chronic Patient to a Therapist. It all started in early 1990’s when he was seriously affected by a deadly disease and Doctors declared that he doesn’t have more than 2-3 months. Being an ordinary graduate, he could not do anything to save himself but he decided not to die and started searching for cure of his disease. With his toughness to fight and his abilities to learn anything, he found remedies to the symptoms of his disease, one by one when he started studying various therapies like Biochemic Tissue, Homeopathy, Naturopathy, Ayurveda and Various other therapies like Acupuncture etc. With his vast research in Hatha Yoga he also learnt various ancient techniques and cured himself in few years completely, also started treating various other chronic patients on their request and saved hundreds of them in two decades, who had lost hope of curing. This Book Presents his Journey, knowledge and inventions, which shows a wonderful path to everybody to save themselves and their loved ones through the greatest methods, which were not known to us till date.

Pages: 154

Genre: Non-fiction/Inspirational/Biography

Format: Kindle eBook/Paperback


  • Kindle eBook: 69 INR/$5.00
  • Paperback: 399 INR/$10.00

My Rating: 3.4/5

The author’s father was diagnosed with a rare disease called ‘fistula’. The doctors told him he only had 2-3 months left to survive. Any other person would have been depressed with this life-shattering news. But the author’s father took it upon himself to understand his disease and try to find a cure, all by himself by reading and researching. Was he successful? For that, you need to read this book.

What I liked about the book:

  • The author has put great effort to include intensive research with science-backed facts alongside reference to different books, medicines available in the market with tables, diagrams, illustrations This makes the knowledge and information shared in the book, it easy to understand and refer to.
  • The book is an excellent guide for people who are looking forward to understanding this particular disease and taking necessary steps for themselves or someone who is suffering in their vicinity.
  • The author’s honesty and goodness of intention are very apparent and that’s why the reading feels original and important.
  • There is a lingering hope while reading the book. It shows a wonderful path, giving hope to people with health problems, to save themselves, and not give up.

What I did not like about the book:

  • The book needs thorough editing as there are typos and grammatical mistakes on almost every page.
  • I understand the author’s viewpoint of making healthcare and medicine an inclusive field of study, but we cannot undermine or demean the progress made in the field of allopathy. At many points, it did feel like the author was doing so, quite clearly.

Quotable quotes:

  • It is not required that everyone should become doctors and treat themselves. But it is definitely required that every person must know the disease exactly and the way it can be cured without delay.
  • Most people do not have the courage to accept reality.
  • To start any kind of business, one needs to learn the techniques related to it, the infrastructure needed, and other factors associated with it. It is really an ocean to enter any business field.
  • No method is foolproof. There is no method that is totally correct. We can find faults with every line of medicine, either big or small. But we have to ignore them. The lapse would help the critics to make false propaganda.
  • The weakness of one religion is the strength of another.
  • One needs no maturity to realize the dangerous situation except fear, but one must be mature enough to understand the development exactly in a dangerous situation.
  • Besides our intellectual ability, we need fate to help us in our efforts.
  • No matter how big or small the problem, start searching for the solution and the end result will totally depend on our efficiency.
  • If we have the zeal to search, the way to the door, to find answers, will open automatically.
  • No one can get answers to all problems simply by reading a single book.
  • The aristocratic social conditions prevailing in the society, provoke the rich to dominate over the poor.
  • It is a bit natural that the one who understands women folk will understand the world itself.
  • One should put efforts to save one’s self. Others can merely extend their helping hand. The ultimate fight to survive lies with the strong conviction of the patient.
  • If we put effort to know the philosophy of life right from a young age itself, we can easily lead a happy life without wastage of time and energy. The knowledge we get at old age, the wealth we earn at the last stage of life, the knowledge about diseases and their treatment after damaging our health will never be useful to anybody.

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