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Love Shots: Collection of Short Indian Rom-coms by Inara Aroha

Blurb (as on Amazon):


Love Shots by Inara Aroha is a collection of ten short and sexy romantic comedies.

Enjoy your evening with a cup of tea and these amazing short romances:

The Anniversary Bliss, Nothing is worse than not getting privacy with your own wife on your first anniversary. Ishaan wants nothing but his wife for a couple of hours to celebrate the anniversary the way he planned. But his mom wants it otherwise.

The Accidental Kiss, Don’t kiss your girlfriend in public. It’s a sweet and simple rule to keep your relationship away from gossip. But superstar Viraj Luthra has different plans.

A Jealous Union, Kavya never counted herself as a jealous type. But seeing Armaan’s old friend too close to him made her possessive over the board. Now all she wants is his attention back on her.

The Valentine’s Banter, Nihaal has an ego that needs a Burj khalifa to fit in. He can’t keep it aside for a minute to celebrate Valentine’s Day with his wife. But only Naira has the qualms to tame him.

The Arranged Love, Married for two weeks now Karan can’t help but fall for his lovely wife. He planned to go slow, but seeing her in the hot beach attire knocked him out of his senses.

The Suspicious Partner, Shaurya was on the verge of confessing his feelings for his wife but failed when he saw the damn used c*ndom in her purse. What has she been doing behind his back when he was falling for her harder each day.

A Shy Proposal, Having a shy boyfriend is fun especially when he is struggling too much to express his desire for his lovely girlfriend.

The Detective Girlfriend, Principals are scary! And not in Chaavi’s case. Her boyfriend, Kartik a.k.a. The principal of her college has queues of girls waiting to get a sight of him. Jealous Chaavi decides to catfish her principal boyfriend.

Best friend’s Confession, Vivaan loves her more than anything but had been hiding his love within himself for years. But what happens when he catches someone kissing the love of his life.

The Patch-up kiss, Let me tell you a secret to end any fight. Kiss and make-up. And that’s Dev what does to end the fight with his lovely girlfriend.

A perfect tea time read…

Genre: Fiction/Romantic Short Stories

Format: Kindle eBook

Pages: 71

Price: 99 INR/$2.99

My Rating: 3.2/5

Expressing love or finding moments to showcase love isn’t easy to come by. At least not for all couples out there. The stories in this book depict such moments, some with sweetness and some with a few steamy scenes.

What I liked about the book:

  • All the stories are quite relatable. They could easily be about you or someone you might know.
  • Each story is unique and has an interesting plot.
  • The stories have a feel-good, hopeful feeling that makes us smile.

What I did not like about the book:

  • The editing is very poor. The colloquial language and improper tenses hamper the essence of the stories.

Quotable quotes:

  • Why is dealing with your life partner, not the same as dealing with your business partners?
  • She was fine a few minutes but all of a sudden she marched away from me like Usain Bolt. This woman could be a synonym for mood swings.
  • If someone is interested in your work and genuinely appreciates it, they will support it regardless of your personal life choices.
  • It’s impossible to get into everyone’s good books.

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