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Words & Eagle: From the heart by Sukanya Bora

Blurb (as on Amazon):

Words & Eagle is a compilation of short prose and poetry documented in the form of chapters.
The book is a reflection of human emotions and the feelings of an individual. We all go through various stages in our life and sometimes some chapters create a lasting impact on our souls. It is these chapters that change us make us into better individuals.
But fighting the battle alone is not an easy process.
This book is heart-to-heart documentation of forever emotions we cannot express verbally or are too shy to even speak about it.
A book that can connect with every individual going through a difficult and challenging phase.

Format: Kindle eBook/Paperback

Genre: Fiction/Poetry

Pages: 32


  • Kindle eBook: 223 INR/ $5.00
  • Paperback (available only on $8.00

My Rating : 4/5

A collection of heartfelt, experience based poetry that teaches us how to handle difficult situations and challenges in life.

What I liked about the book:

-> Every poem had its own spirit and impact and to do so in just a few lines is a feat that’s worthy of praise for a debutant.
-> Each poetry makes us revive all those tiny moments that helped shape our personalities, especially the moments of betrayal and heartbreaks.
-> The poems don’t follow any sort of rhyming scheme, they are just candidly written . They are simple and easy to understand and those with creative minds will be able to appreciate them.
-> It touches the heart not because of its deep meaning, but because of the simplicity with which the emotions are expressed.

What I did not like about the book:

-> A deep-rooted connection to the words was missing. It felt like reading someone’s journal and not of experiences that everyone might have necessarily gone through.

Quotable quotes:

-> Remember you’re NOT Alone in this.
There are thousands of people out there who might

have gone through the same issues you are going through now or are still going through.
> There’s nothing wrong in being an introvert.
There’s nothing wrong in having limited friends.
There’s nothing wrong in being single.
There’s nothing wrong in YOU.

-> Do they really feel those painful emotions you are going through all by yourself?
NO! They don’t my dear.
At times like this,

You are your own friend,
You are your own support,
You are your own companion,
You are your own backbone,.
No one can understand what you are going through except YOU!

-> Sometimes even the most jolly person needs someone to assure them that they are not alone,
Sometimes we all need someone in our life to make us feel that no matter what, we are not alone, we are not terrible, we are not unworthy of love.
We all break down at some point in our life,
Lucky are the one who gets comfort at those challenging times.
-> You always expected people to give you what you gave them. That’s not how it always works. You have been nothing but a good human being but sometimes you just have to accept your fate.

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