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Long Run – A Paradise Augmented by T. Sathish

Blurb (as on Amazon):

For a moment, imagine that you are twenty-something making tons of money in the stock market. The success is heady, and you’re living it up! When out of the blue, your car crashes, horrifically. You go off the spotlight. It takes months to even open your eyes, but you can’t see anymore.
A challenge like no other. Your defeat looks certain.
While you were enjoying the spotlight, you slid away from some of your past relationships.
Now, the question: Do you have it in you to make a comeback?
Meet Raghu, a livewire investment manager. Glitz, romance, and euphoric success filled his life, until the day his car and life overturned.
His body was broken; He couldn’t see anymore.
Was his spirit strong enough to overcome?

Come, join Raghu as he narrates his life story, one filled with challenges and some unanswered questions.

Genre: Fiction/Business and Relationships

Pages: 200

Format: Kindle eBook/Paperback


  • Kindle eBook: 99 INR/$2.99
  • Paperback (available only on Amazon India): 199 INR

My Rating: 3.9/5

Raghu, the protagonist of this story, is a livewire investment manager. His career jumpstarted even before he passed out with an MBA from one of the best institutes in the country. He even has a girl by his side, who he loves and they might get married soon too. Things look great with him becoming a partner at the firm in just a year. But life takes an unexpected and ugly turn when he meets with an accident that cripples him for life. How does Raghu climb back to the top despite his physical shortcomings? Does he end up getting married to the girl he fell in love with?

What I liked about the book:

  • Though the character is fictional, his story and his challenges make us feel that it’s based on real-life, making it all the more authentic and motivational.
  • It has everything: friendship, love, heartbreak, learning, rising from your downfall, and most importantly, how one’s family and loved ones hold priority above anything else in life.
  • The theme is to tell us how important it is to strike a balance between personal and professional life. This comes across very nicely and some credit needs to be given here to the author for giving equal weightage to Raghu’s personal and professional life in the narrative.
  • The author’s idea to employ an interesting back-and-forth movie-like edit keeps us engaged.
  • The themes around life’s purpose and choices are tackled with nuance and without getting in the way of the narrative.
  • The book’s biggest strength is in making its protagonist, Raghu, and the other characters feel real and relatable.

What I did not like about the book:

  • The sudden shifts in time spans can be confusing, especially at the beginning of the story.
  • People who are not well versed with the stock and trading market may find the technical terms difficult to understand.
  • The writing lacked depth and felt factual/conversational.

Quotable quotes:

  • I understood the role of goals in life. I realized why a man looks for a purpose for their existence on this beautiful planet. Our presence in this world could be similar to other life forms. But, our brains have evolved and can think of various thoughts randomly. So, without giving oneself a defined purpose at different stages of life, one has the danger of falling into a vicious depressive trap.
  • You can’t make people part with their money by stating cold facts, figures, returns, etc. You need to sell them a dream.
  • People never learn unless they fall into a trap and cross their limits. Until then, they think that they are way too smart, and the rest of the world is full of fools.
  • With all things heady, the seeds of future trouble are often sown during good times. The trick is to keep one’s feet on the ground and let those exciting feelings pass.
  • Money has always been lying around. But, politics, birth, etc., limited people’s access to that money. So, the concentration of this money in a few hands has always been a problem, since the beginning of money. Remember, Kings have always had endless resources.
  • Many times, a person learns his lesson only after being knocked down. It is when he wants to know why this kind of fate occurred to him. Then, he tries to rationalize it by looking at his bad karma.
  • You have to start treating me as a part of your life. It is not good just saying that you love me. You have to show it in your actions.
  • Being competitive and protecting oneself in a competition is the chief act of survival.
  • People who love you, come what may, are the reason for you to get up and face the new day. Their friendship, relationship, and care will give you the answer to the ‘why?’ in your mind. As long as you have a few such souls around you, you have lost nothing. Every day has a meaning.

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