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A New Beginning

Today, 14th January marks the onset of the harvest season in the Indian subcontinent. True to its motto Unity in Diversity and the symbol of secularism that it stands for, the nation celebrates this day under various names across its many states.

One of the most popular ones out of these is the Kite Flying Festival, otherwise also known as Makar Sankranti or Uttrayan. This festival is a celebration that sees scores of people get together for kite flying competitions along with friends, family, and neighbors.

It’s a fun-filled fiesta with kite flying competitions enjoyed over sweets (called chikki) and loud (mostly Bollywood) music. It is the one (or rather 2-3) day where all people come out on their terraces to fly kites of various colors. The sky is a sight to behold! The festival is also a chance for a get-together and celebrations which sees girls and boys enjoy without inhibitions.

A microtale from my book The Untold Stories captures the festivities around this day and celebrations, via a sweet story. Here’s a look at it!

A sneak peek into The Untold Stories

The book contains 131 such microtales around various topics, like festivals, movies, TV shows, human behavior, terrorism, environmental imbalance, and much more!

Does that not sound like a fun read?

So go ahead and check it out.

Once again, here’s wishing all readers of A Rustic Mind a very Happy Uttrayan/ Makar Sankranti.


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