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An Unusual Honeymoon by Mamta Kashyap

Blurb (as on Amazon):

Transport yourself into the world of Bollywood romcoms!

“By the end of it, you will feel better about some extra flab around your waist, being clumsy sometimes, and for falling in love with the wrong guys – All. The. Time. because it always works out eventually.”

What happens when an ambitious girl-next-door finds herself on her honeymoon all alone, without a husband? What happens when she meets a handsome stranger who proposes a deal too lucrative to walk off from?

This is the story of Mahasweta who just wanted to redeem her self-esteem by at least succeeding at her career. Only, life doesn’t happen that way. A lonely honeymoon turns into an unusual one as she agrees to an unrealistic deal.

This is a short, sweet, silly, feel-good love story, with some laughter, some absurdities, some fun, some feelings, and a beautiful and kind Fairy Godmother, too!

Genre: Fiction/Romcom

Pages: 196

Format: Kindle eBook/Paperback


  • Kindle eBook: 79 INR/$0.99
  • Paperback: 195 INR/$9.41

My rating: 4.5/5

Mahasweta (who prefers being called ‘Sweta’) Awasthi is on her honeymoon, ALONE! After facing heartbreak from her ex-fiance, she refused to let go of the opportunity to take over the inn where they had booked their honeymoon. Her only intention was to convince the owner of Cowboy Inn that the inn needed a do-over and she is the right person to do so. Little did she know that she’d come across Rahul Malhotra; the drop-dead-gorgeous owner of the inn, who has a weird but lucrative proposal in mind.

What I liked about the book:
-> It is the perfect rom-com. It is a tale of self-acceptance with a glimpse of Bollywood which has drama, suspense, a few silly situations, humor, & so many unexpected things.
-> Mahasweta’s character is funny and at the same time very relatable for most women who have body image issues.
-> I loved the fact that the female lead is not shown as somebody who is over-the-top gorgeous and confident. Mahasweta’s character growth is one of the most inspiring things about the story.
-> The guy who is the male protagonist is also not the Mr perfect type. It’s a comedy of consciousness; the characters know they are getting into a marriage for mutual benefits but they don’t know how it might end. This ends up giving the readers many things to think about.
-> I loved how the book shows us that making mistakes is fine as these things are a part of our lives. The storyline is simple but the author has made it more catchy with her engaging writing skills. Though the plot may seem unrealistic, the characters are very realistic and well developed and the narration is smooth and engaging.
-> The author manages to subtly mention several social issues and turns the judgemental pointy hands towards the readers for being so.
-> I loved the character of Nani in the book. Any reader would instantly love her and would want to have someone like her in their lives. Her character was very diverse and somehow crucial to the way things churned out to be, she was the ultimate support to our protagonist.
-> The writing didn’t dwell too much on unnecessary details or on elongating the pages, which makes the story fast-paced and interesting.

What I did not like about the book:
-> Though it’s a love story and an entertaining one at that, I felt the depth and growth to show how the two characters slowly warm up towards each other, were missing. Maybe because it felt rushed and becomes just too easy and convenient. Right from the first encounter to the ending.
-> Apart from Mahasweta and Naani, no other character emerged out properly in full bloom, even Rahul’s character lacked depth.
-> The plot was quite predictable and even before it reaches halfway, you know the ending. There was potential to entangle the threads to make the sorting more romantic or intense and the characters more dimensional.

Quotable quotes:

-> Having a plan made everything so much easier, knowing what would happen in the future took away all the insecurities and the fear of the unknown. Without a plan, there was no meaning to life.
-> Teen girls are cruel to their peers who don’t look like they’re supposed to look.

-> There are things a mind can miss noticing when in anger.
-> The best of us doubt our actions and our thoughts, but with time, we learn.
-> There are many preconceived notions in our minds based on the first impressions of any person. We also form opinions based on our social reference points. The moment we hear the word Sasu Ma, an image of yesteryear’s middle-aged actress, playing a vamp-like, conniving creature instantly pops up in our mind. We assume that all mothers-in-law are like that.

-> How alien that word sounded. “Maayka”. How divided between two worlds we women are!
-> It sounds archaic, but sometimes, traditions look beautiful and appropriate.

-> In the grand scheme of things, what we wear and what makes us comfortable, doesn’t matter. What really matters is one’s happiness.
-> The heart is weird; it makes palaces out of bricks made of air and dances around it. The eyes see it all; still, they refuse to see.
-> We human beings are experts in complicating the matters of hearts. We fear rejections and tend to forget that even rejection of love is as important, as it means you
can move on then.
-> This is what life is about. To bring laughter and smiles. To love and be loved, unconditionally.

> We, adults, are weird. We want to get what we don’t have but we lack the courage. We keep pining and whining. Why can’t we just go ahead and do it? At most, what can happen?
-> Who doesn’t like an acknowledgment, who doesn’t like being appreciated? We are very stingy with praises for those whom we love, we take them for granted or become too shy. Speak up, whenever you want to.
-> One-sided love is very powerful. Unlike any other form of love, it’s not divided
between two people. It belongs to one person, and only that person has a right over it.
-> With him, I was nothing. With him, I was everything. I was his. I was mine. Finally, in loving him, I started to love myself too.

> It’s a lesson. When things go off, when the whole world seems against you, when everything goes awry, when your future seems to be in jeopardy, there is something spectacular waiting for you around the corner. You just have to trust your destiny, and things will fall in place.

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